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Berger Fosroc manufactures and markets high performance sealants with different chemistries such as Polysulphide, Polyurethanes and Methyl silyl sealants for various needs of the construction segment.

Choosing the right sealant depends on the type of joint, joint width and weather it must be resistant to water dirt and sewerage.

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Expansion joints are typically moving joints in structures that respond to the ambient temperature conditions combined with the cyclic movements between the structural elements.

Berger Fosroc’s understanding of these joint movements is the basis for the right specification and application advice for effectively sealing these joints.

Product range - Thioflex 600, Colpor 200, Colpor 200PF, Expoband One, Hydrocell XL, and Nitoseal MS600.

Typically in industrial flooring, controlled joints are sawcut to counter concrete shrinkage within 24 to 48 hours depending on temperature conditions. After 28 to 30 days later these joints are filled with flexible and tough sealants to take care of abrasion due to vehicular movements on the floor. 

Berger Fosroc’s polyurethane and epoxy range of sealants have the requisite hardness and movement accommodation factor to counter such exposure conditions.

Product range - Nitoseal PU280 and Nitoseal PU40.

In the case of joining of two precast segments in a building, or the gaps between a window and concrete or brick masonry, a material is required which accommodates thermal expansion movements between the two dissimilar materials. It should also make the joints watertight from seepage and wind-driven rain.

Berger Fosroc’s sealants provides solutions for these type of exposure conditions.

Product - Nitoseal PU40.

For large water-retaining structures or STPs with expansion joints, the sealants are exposed to continuous immersion in water or sewage. Such sealants should be both water and chemical resistant and still perform for the cyclic movements, which the structure is subjected to.

Berger Fosroc’s robust technology of special sealants meet these extreme and challenging conditions.

Product range - Nitoseal MS600, Expoband One and Hydrocell XL.

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