Training Complex Manchester City FC, UK

The New £100 million-plus training facility complex for Manchester City Football Club, built on an 80 acre site.


The New £100 million-plus training facility complex for Manchester City Football Club will be built on an 80 acre site opposite the Etihad Stadium and will transform the industrial wasteland into an Academy with 16 football pitches, a 7,000 capacity stadium for youth and reserve team matches and a first team training building.


Working hand in hand with the project contractors and consultants, Fosroc identified the best product combinations that would provide optimal performance in an environment with various gas issues.

To provide a comprehensive gas proofing solution, both Proofex Engage and Proofex 3000MR were used in the lift pits and Nitocote EP405 to pile caps and ring beams.

Proofex Total, a high performance, gas impervious and reinforced membrane was used under all of the buildings, stadium stands and beneath the indoor football pitch to protect from ingress of any harmful gases.

In order to meet fire-resistance requirements, joints were doubled sealed with Flamex S and Nitoseal MS300 on all the terraces and walls.

To re-from and waterproofing of the facilities swimming pool, Renderoc DS and Paveroc were used.


Fosroc provided a total solution package ranging from gas proofing and waterproofing, to sealants, grouting, flooring and concrete repairs, meaning that the engineers, architects and main contractor all had one point of contact - – providing them with a Complete Solution for their project.

The range of solutions specified and supplied for the project were delivered and installed without any issues whilst satisfying the customer’s needs.

Fosroc professionalism, technical knowledge and delivery for this project has resulted in securing further contracts, including other contractors having seen the work delivered at Manchester City Football Club. 

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