Berger Fosroc has a wide range of cement and resin-based grouts to fill voids and resin-anchoring systems help strengthen and protect.

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Our wide range of cement and resin-based products to fill voids and resin-anchoring systems help strengthen and protect.

These precession grouts have free-flow, non-shrink properties and exhibit high early and final strengths. They must provide very high effective bearing contact between the baseplate and concrete foundation, to transfer the loads effectively.

Almost all critical equipment, including turbines, generators, machines in the power sector, process equipment in steel plants, and machines in any engineering industry are grouted with Conbextra range of products. The range offers comprehensive solutions to grouting requirements for a variety of sectors, such as refineries, transportation, precast structures, and many more. The range offers both cementitious and epoxy grouts.

The Grouts range comply with ASTM C 1107, BS-EN 447, ASTM C 1181 and MORTH standards.

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As the name states, these grouts are formulated with special cements, carefully graded fillers, flow control agents and non-shrink additives. The Conbextra GP series are the most widely recognised grouting products in the civil engineering industry.

Product range - Conbextra GP1, Conbextra GP2, Conbextra GP2N, Conbextra GP3, Conbextra TS, Conbextra HF, Conbextra BB92-IN, Conbextra BB72-IN, Conbextra BB92-O, Conbextra STD, Conbextra HR and Conbextra Block Jointing Mortar.

A few of the critical machine foundations which require high chemical resistance, very high tensile, flexural strengths and dynamic load resistance, such as compressors in the refinery industry, bearing grouts in the transportation industry, or machines in the chemical engineering industry, require epoxy grouts.

Product range - Conbextra EP10, Conbextra EP75, Conbextra EP300, Conbextra EBGM, Conbextra EP10M, Conbextra EP10LV and Conbextra EP120.

For certain equipment, the 3-day strength becomes extremely important, as the base plate bolts need to be tightened for setting up final levels. In such cases development of high early and ultimate strength of the grouts become crucial.

Product range - Conbextra HES, Conbextra UHS90 and Conbextra AT.

In Ports marine and dam structures damaged portions of concrete need to be repaired in the underwater situation effectively. In such situations, Conbextra range facilitates the applications imparting anti wash out properties while offering the free flow, non shrink and high strength characteristics. Berger Fosroc’s range of underwater cementitious and epoxy grouts meet the requirements for special applications.

Product range - Conbextra EUW and Conbextra UW.

Effective grouting of cable ducts in prestressed bridges is vital to impart durability and performance of the structures. Berger Fosroc’s range of cable duct grouts ensure long term protection to the corrosion of cables by their superior material properties, such as high alkalinity, high flow , non-shrink properties to provide a passive layer around the stretched cables. These conform to the stringent standards and material specifications laid down in MORTH and EN 447.

Product range -
Grout additives - Cebex 100, Cebex 200 and Cebex EN
Ready to use grouts - Conbextra Cable Grout and Conbextra Cable Grout HS.

Berger Fosroc’s bedding mortars are used in precast building construction to join two precast panels. These bedding mortars are highly thixotropic in nature and are polymer rich, in order to provide crack-free and water-resistant joints.

Product - Conbextra Bedding Mortar.

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