YASREF, Saudi Arabia

Yanbu Aramco Sinopec Refining Company (YASREF) is a joint venture between Saudi Aramco and China Petrochemical Corporations (Sinopec).


Yanbu Aramco Sinopec Refining Company (YASREF) is a joint venture between Saudi Aramco and China Petrochemical Corporations (Sinopec). 

A world-class, full conversion refinery that covers about 5.2 million square meters in the Yanbu Industrial City, and is considered to be a key anchor project for the future of Yanbu. 

YASREF will use 400,000 barrels per day (bdp) of Arabian heavy crude oil to produce premium transportation fuels, as well as high-value refined products for both international and domestic markets. The productions include 90,000 bhp of gasoline, 263,000 bhd of ultra-low sulphur diesel, 6,300 metric tons per day (MTD) of pet-coke and 1,200 MTD of sulphur. 

It is scheduled to be operational in Q3, 2014. 

Tecnicas Reunidas was looking for a company which can provide a suitable grouting system to be casted underneath skid U-0011 for Compressors K-0002/3/4/5 that can be durable, trustworthy and available with required technical and site support at all times. The skids' dimensions were 7.33m x 4 m with a gap thickness of 22mm which makes the job execution challenging due to the size of the skid and the absence of any pouring wholes on the skid surface


Fosroc has introduced the right solutions throughout the project's execution period, one of which was solvent free epoxy resin based grout - Conbextra EP150 to meet the required extended working time, large volume pouts and the high ambient temperatures in Saudi Abrabia. 

A comprehensive site support was conducted and detail methodology was produced to ensure the proper application of the product that met the customers' requirements. 

Formwork was constructed to be leak-proof, feeding hopper system was used to provide hydrostatic head along with extended widths chains to enhance the lateral movement of grout due to the absence of pouring holes. 

The continuous grout flow filled the void through gravity flow. Moreover, the grout was poured in the way to eliminate the entrapment of air to provide a high effective bearing area (EBA), the contract of the grout with surface of the plate, to comply with ASTM C1339096a. 


The client has chosen Fosroc's epoxy grout since it provides longer workability permitting easy placement within the open time. Product features with a comprehensive site support and supervision. 

Fosroc solution provided the right product that can withstand high dynamics load, excellent flow characteristics to overcome the lateral movements concern due to size of skid and the absence of the pouring holes, rapid strength gain which reduces equipment downtime, high chemical resistant, high tensile and flexural strength, and high EBA Percentage. 

Product features were coupled with site support and training in order to avoid all site hurdles which could delay the work progress, all this combined was recognized and appreciated by the customer. 

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