Gamesa Wind Turbines, India

Gamesa Wind Turbines, Pvt. Ltd., is a Spain-based holding engaged in the renewable energy sector.


Gamesa Wind Turbines, Pvt. Ltd. (More recently Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy), is a Spainish based company engaged in the renewable energy sector. The company specializes in the development and management of wind farms, as well as the engineering, design, manufacturing of wind turbines. Gamesa contracted 75 MW power production with 75 machines at Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu.


Gamesa use Conbextra BB92-O in many locations around the world. They approached Fosroc India to assist with this project and to strategically improve their approach in India more generally. The site was subject to sulphate attack which can lead to localized failure in the concrete and grout.  Fosroc India developed local manufacturing capability of the material involving extensive material testing to create a product suitable for the specific requirements of the Indian market.  The customer needed a material with high strength, chemical resistance and shrinkage compensation properties as well as fatigue resistance.


By developing local production with local materials, Conbextra BB92-O could be sourced with shorter lead-times and there was a substantial reduction in shipping costs. Importantly there was also a large reduction in the product’s carbon footprint.

Conbextra BB92-O is a non-shrink and high early strength grout used to completely fill gaps in between the turbine foundation and the base of the tower, forming a secure connection resistant to fatigue. Conbextra BB92-O is sulphate resistant, and hence has no reaction to any sulphates present in the soil.

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