Berger Fosroc delivers a full range of world-class waterproofing systems from basement to roof, including waterproof membranes and waterstops.

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Waterproofing is the process of making a structure waterproof or water-resistant so that it remains relatively unaffected by moisture, which enhances its durability.

Berger Fosroc provides a wide range of waterproofing solutions, specification support and on-site application support, along with a team of  trained and experienced applicators across India that are  experts in installing waterproofing systems.

Berger Fosroc range of waterproofing solutions comply with various national and international standards of performance including BS 8102, WARS, CE and BBA certification.

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The challenges faced in waterproofing of below-ground elements is due to increase in depth of basements of high-rise structures which are subjected to high water table. In such exposure conditions the sub ground concrete elements of the structure need protection from not only water, but also from sulphate, salts and other attack naturally occurring in the soil. In certain cases the waterproofing treatments need to be resistant to radon and methane gases naturally.

The waterproofing systems need to be robust as once when complete, any rectification required will be very expensive.

Berger Fosroc’s range of products and systems extensive enough to tackle any type of challenges in belowground structures.

Product range - Proofex Engage, Berger Fosroc Membrane HDPE – P, Brushbond TGP, Proofex 3000, Berger Fosroc Polyurea WPW, Berger Fosroc Membrane HDPE-S, Berger Fosroc Membrane HDPE-P(Smooth)RF, Proofex PGP, Proofex PGP(X), Proofex Torchseal 3PI, Proofex Torchseal 3SI, Proofex Torchseal 3PI Standard, Proofex Torchseal 4SI, Proofex Torchseal 4PI Standard, Proofex Self Adhesive Geotext, Nitocote CM210, Supercast SW20, Supercast SW30, Supercast EPT, Supercast PVC and Supercast Predimax Injection Hose.

In urban structures podium slabs have a variety of functions. They can simply be dry podiums or house hardscaping or landscaping of different sorts. For these various functionalities such as driveways, lawns, gardens, bodies of water, walkways, Jogging tracks, etc., the waterproofing systems and materials must be robust enough to outperform the life period designed for the exposure conditions.

Berger Fosroc offers an end-to end solutions to meet these different challenges.

Product range - Nitoproof 600 Standard, Nitoproof 600PF, Polyurea WPE, Polyurea WH200, Polyurea WH2000GR, Proofex ORG, Proofex OFB, Proofex OGP and Proofex PGP.

Based on the architectural design and functional needs the roofs can be of different kinds such as flat slabs, sloped roofs, curved roofs, precast panelled roofs, composite deck roofs, steel decks, etc., Green roofs are the latest trends in the urban landscape. So also, insulated and waterproofed roof trends have increased in the recent years.

The performance requirements and material specifications for each of these different types of roofs also vary. Berger Fosroc’s technological innovation, expertise and a wide range of products will serve every need in this area.

Product range – Nitoproof 600PF, Brushbond RFX, Brushbond (Formerly known as Mr. Expert Water Barrier), Brushbond Roofguard, Brushcrete, Hydroproof Xtra, Nitoproof 600 Standard, Proofex ORG, Proofex OGP, Proofex OFB, Proofex Torchseal 3PI, Proofex Torchseal 3SI, Proofex Torchseal 3PI Standard, Proofex Torchseal 4PI, Proofex Torchseal 4SI, Proofex Torchseal 4PI Standard, Proofex Self Adhesive Geotext, Brushbond TI Flexicoat, Polyurea WH200, Nitoproof UVR Topcoat, Nitoproof 100/120, Proofex Self Adhesive PR20 and Proofex Self Adhesive PR15.

Water bodies such as swimming pools, fountains, Jacuzzi, water storage tanks, artificial water bodies in landscaping etc., have different needs for waterproofing depending on their sizes and use.

In wet areas other than just waterproofing, need a holistic approach to make the entire areas fully water tight.

Berger Fosroc’s range of products and solutions are adequate to satisfy the waterproofing needs of these areas.

Product range: Polyurea WPW, Nitocote CM210, Nitocote EP405, Brushbond RFX and Brushbond (Formerly known as Mr. Expert Water Barrier).

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