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The curing of concrete is often the most critical challenge the construction industry faces. Even the best quality concrete can fail if it is not cured properly. The vertical shear walls in high rise structures, large concrete pours in basements or pavements, or even the precast segments need meticulous planning to cure the concrete in order to get the desired performance.

The shutter release agents used for easy de-molding of the concrete also play a very important role in getting the form finish surfaces. However, conventional shutter release agents, like grease or waste oils, stain the concrete and can have detrimental effects on concrete.

Fosroc’s wide range of curing compounds and shutter release agents are manufactured to the highest quality standards to meet all the challenges of the construction industry. Our curing compound ranges comply with ASTM C 309, ASTM 1315, and BS 5425 guidelines.

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These compounds are wax emulsified, water-based materials which are applied to concrete surfaces immediately after its initial setting. Applying this coating will seal the concrete surface and will prevent the water to escape from the mass, thus ensuring effective curing. Our Concure WB product range complies with ASTM C 309.

Product range - Concure WB STD, Concure WB White and Concure WB Clear.

These compounds are high performance material technology systems which are used for curing of large pavements and roads. Our Concure LP 90 product range complies with BS 7542.

Product range - Concure LP90, Concure LP90M and Concure LP90M STD.

These compounds are designed for the building segment. The resins used in these curing compound allow direct applications on floor screeds meant for floor coverings. They also serve as excellent curing compounds for shear walls before the application of decorative paint systems without the need for their removal.

The Acrylic Resin based curing compounds comply with ASTM-C-1315 and ASTM-C-309.

Product range - Concure 1315 Clear, Concure 1315 White and Concure AB White.

Shutter release and mould release agents must have non-staining properties and should not affect the performance of hardened concrete. The de-moulded surfaces of the concrete must be smooth. All these benefits are achievable with the use of new technology from Fosroc with our range of mould release agents.

Product range - Reebol, Reebol Emulsion and Reebol Emulsion Xtra.

These cleaning agents are a combination of acid-based material, corrosion resistant and a dispersing agent. It is used to clean / etch cement paste on metal surfaces and also works as a rust remover.

Product range - Reebaklens and Reebaklens RR.

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