With world-class brands like Nitobond and Nitotile, we are a leading provider of adhesives for tiling and structural grade bonding.

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With world-class brands like Nitobond and Nitotile, we are a leading provider of adhesives for tiling and structural grade bonding.

Adhesives in construction are better known as glues, be it for bonding, concrete structural members or pre-cast elements, or cementitious polymer pastes to adhere tiles in floors or on dados.

Fosroc’s range of adhesives cover wide range of applications from in-situ bonding adhesives with latex and cement to high-end applications like epoxies for  improving  bond between two substrates and segmental construction.

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Fosroc’s tile adhesives and grouts are manufactured to the highest quality standards and backed by independent certifications. They provide long-lasting, effective solutions for fixing of ceramic, vitrified tile, granite, marble or any other stone tiles for indoor and outdoor applications.

Product range - Nitotile GP, Nitotile GPX, Nitotile MPA, Nitocote GTA, Nitotile Grout and Nitotile EPW Grout.

Fosroc’s structural grade bonding agents facilitates old to new concrete bonding, which establish monolithic bonding between old and new concrete surfaces. They are also used for various repairs in concrete structures.

Product range - Nitobond EP and Nitobond EP STD.

Fosroc’s segmental bonding agents are used for joining two precast segments together, which establishes a structural bond. Our products have been tested and pass all the requirements for FIP and ASTM specifications.

Product - Nitobond PC.

Fosroc’s block jointing mortars, also known as thin bed cementitious mortars, are the best in world-class adhesives for jointing AAC blocks. These adhesives are applied at very thin sections, exhibit high bond and good tensile strength, self-cure, and make masonry work fast and easy.

Product range - Conbextra Block Jointing Mortar and Conbextra Block Jointing Mortar STD.

Fosroc’s acrylic polymers and SBR polymers are used as mortar modification for small, non-structural repairs and screed modifications on the sites. These polymers enhance the cohesiveness and flexibility in the mixes and also help to establish a bond for plaster mortars.

Product range - Nitobond AR, Nitobond AR STD, Nitobond SBR, Nitobond SBR Latex, and Nitobond SBR300.

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