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The long-term performance and fast repair of roads and motorways is vital for a safe and reliable infrastructure. Bridges in particular experience direct exposure to harsh atmospheric conditions and heavy vehicular traffic. These concrete structures are regularly attacked by carbon dioxide and chloride, and this eventually reduces the lifespan of the structures. Regular maintenance and performance-based protective coatings play a vital role in enhancing the life of concrete structures. Fosroc has developed a range of products specifically designed for this purpose.

Our roads and bridges solutions include:

  • A range of high performance and technically superior admixtures for PQC concrete and bridge segmental construction or for in-situ concrete
  • High strength and high early strength admixtures for precast segments
  • High performance curing compounds for PQC and concrete segments
  • Structural grade epoxy adhesives for segmental bonding
  • Protection of external and internal concrete structures to ensure durability
  • Precision-engineered cable duct grouts for PT cable grouting
  • Epoxy-based high strength grouts for bridge bearing pedestals
  • A full range of innovative solutions for sealing expansion and construction joints
  • A full range of innovative solutions for sealing expansion and construction joints

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Concrete admixture for pavement quality concrete.
Product range – Conplast SP430ITPQ, Auramix 350PQC and Auramix 350.

High-performance curing compounds for PQC concrete.
Product range – Concure LP90, Concure LP90M, Concure LP90M Std, Concure 1315 White, Concure 1315 Clear and Concure AB White.

Fuel resistant and high movement accommodation factor sealants for concrete joints.
Product range – Thioflex 600, Colpor 200, Colpor 200PF and Hydrocell XL.

Concrete admixtures for construction of piles, piers, girders, bridge deck slab and precast girders.
Product range – Conplast SP430, Conplast SP430ES2, Conplast SP430KRM6, Conplast SP440, Conplast SP500 KL, Conplast SP500, Conplast SP550, Auramix 200, Auramix 300 and Auramix 500.

Shutter release and curing compounds.
Product range – Reebol, Reebol Emulsion, Reebol Emulsion Xtra, Concure WB Clear, Concure WB White, Concure WB Standard, Concure AB White, Concure 1315 Clear and Concure 1315 White.

High performance resin anchors for bar extensions, concrete railings and crash barriers.
Product range – Lokfix, Lokfix S (FS) Lokfix E75, Lokfix E55S, Lokfix E35S and Lokfix TR.

Robust and latest waterproofing technology for bridge decks.
Product range – Nitoflor/ Nitoproof ET slurry, Fosroc Polyurea WPE

Thixotropic epoxy adhesive for segmental bonding.
Product – Nitobond PC

High performance cementitious grout for post tensioned cable ducts.
Product range – Conbextra Cable Grout, Conbextra Cable Grout HS, Cebex 100, Cebex 200 and Cebex EN.

Epoxy based high strength, free-flow and non-shrink grouts for bridge bearing installations.
Product range – Conbextra EP75, Conbextra EBGM and Conbextra EP300.

High performance protective coating for structural elements.
Product range – Dekguard S, Dekguard E2000, Dekguard WB300, Dekguard S300 and Nitocote BCS300.

Fosroc offers complete solutions for repair and rehabilitation of bridges and culverts with wide range of structural grade repair products:

Low viscous epoxy grouts for cracks in structural elements.
Product range – Conbextra EP10, Conbextra EP10M and Conbextra EP10 LV.

Fast setting patch repair mortars for bridge decks, girder beams and piers.
Product range – Renderoc S2, Renderoc HS Xtra, Renderoc SP40, Renderoc DS40 and Renderoc FC.

Cementitious micro-concrete for encasement repairs.
Product range - Renderoc RG, Renderoc RG Spl, Renderoc RGM, Renderoc RGS and Renderoc RGL and Renderoc LA Xtra.

Rust removers, etching agent and epoxy coatings for cathodic protection of re-bar.
Product range – Reebaklens, Reebaklens RR, Nitozinc Primer, Nitozinc Primer Standard and Nitocote AP35.

High strength epoxy grouts and mortars for repairs to bridge bearing blocks and bed blocks.
Product range – Conbextra EP75, Conbextra EP120, Conbextra EP300, Conbextra EP10, Nitomortar 30 and Nitomortar S.

Retrofitting of concrete structures with fiber reinforced polymers.
Product range – Nitowrap CWS, Nitowrap GW, Nitoplate CPS, Nitowrap 410, Nitowrap 40, Nitowrap 30 and Nitocote VF.

High performance resin anchors for structural connections.
Product range – Lokfix, Lokfix S (FS), Lokfix E75, Lokfix E55S and Lokfix TR.

High performance protective coatings for structural elements.
Product range – Dekguard S, Dekguard E2000, Dekguard WB300, Dekguard S300 and Nitocote BCS300.

Bonding agents, mortar and screed modifiers for repairs.
Product range – Nitobond EP, Nitobond EP Standard, Nitobond SBR, Nitobond SBR Latex, Nitobond SBR300, Nitobond AR and Nitobond AR Standard.

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