Dammam Underpass Rehabilitation, Saudi Arabia

King Fahad Dammam Road Underpass, one of the city’s principal road arteries between Dammam and Al-Kobar cities


In 2005, King Fahad Dammam Road Underpass, one of the city’s principal road arteries, was constructed as a link between Dammam and Al-Kobar cities . However, after a few years the two tunnels of the major underpass have become dangerous for motorists due to leaking of water and uneven road. It had originally been waterproofed on the wet-side by a polyurethane coating but the external waterproofing wasn’t effective in keeping moisture out of the concrete. Water had slowly seeped through the expansion joints and larger cracks could be seen between the asphalt and concrete. Vertical cracks in the wall and horizontal cracks in the slabs were also visible.


The task to repair the King Fahed Dammam intersection was given to Sinopec international Group. The contractor hired a specialised team of inspectors who conducted a detailed inspection of the main structure. They examined both the bottom reinforced foundation slabs and cold joints between vertical and horizontal slabs. Due to the extent of cracking, the team decided to remove a whole slab of existing concrete and cast a new. Fosroc proposed the complete waterproofing system which includes the installation of Supercast Predimax Injection Hose and Supercast rearguard R at construction joints. Installation of Supercast rearguard S, Hydrocell,  Nitoseal PS200 and Nitoseal 220 at Expansion Joints.

As the structure is servicing a highly traffic sector, special coating system with decorative finishing should be applied. Fosam team proposed Nitocote CM210 (Elastomeric Cementatious waterproofing System) and Dekguard E2000 (high performance elastomeric anticarbonation coating) as internal waterproofing and coating for Retaining walls.   


Fosroc provided the required materials to the client on time and the client’s expectations were successfully met. In addition to that Fosroc provided continuous technical support and regular follow up that fastened the process and the client was able to finish their project on time. The client highly appreciated the professional services provided and the high quality of materials that that were supplied with reasonable prices.


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