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Industrial floor treatments are done to protect the concrete floor substrates from damages such as chemical and oil spillages, mechanical damage like wear and tear in tool rooms, and impact due to typical industrial activity. Fosroc provides an end-to-end solutions for flooring protection with specification support and on site application expertise, with their pool of trained and experienced applicators across the country for installations of any flooring system. Fosroc floor finishes also are hygienic, dust free and aesthetic, with wide range of colors that can reduce the illumination requirements on shop floors enhancing the work environment    

Our flooring systems are complaint with the guidelines provided by FeRFA, EFNARC and the relevant ASTM and British and other European standards.

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For industrial floors subjected to abrasion by vehicular movements, such as in engineering industry, workshops and warehouses, where dustproofing may not be a prime concern, new concrete floors are broad cast with floor hardeners during installations and power trowelled thoroughly, to produce a high hard-wearing and abrasion resistant floor finishes. In a few cases, liquid floor hardeners are applied over new concrete floors which are called densifiers to produce dust free concrete floors.

Fosroc’s non-metallic and liquid floor hardeners provide complete solutions for such specific requirements.

Product range – Nitoflor Hardtop, Nitoflor Hardtop STD and Nitoflor Lithurin M.

For industrial floors requiring light to medium duty performance such as movement of pedestrian traffic, trollies, forklifts, and tool in rooms, etc., Fosroc has a variety of epoxy and polyurethane coatings with a wide range of thickness from 100 to 500 microns to meet these requirements. These coatings are hardwearing, aesthetic, dustproof and seamless.

Product range - Nitoflor FC140, Nitoflor FC145, Nitoflor FC150, Nitoflor FC150T, Nitoflor PUW100, Nitoflor EPW100 and Nitoflor FC400 UH.

Industrial floors subjected to movement of heavy-duty forklifts, large trolleys and occasional impact loads require treatments such as floor toppings of various kinds over concrete to achieve aesthetic seamless, hardwearing, easily cleanable and slip resistant floor finishes. In addition to the above requirements, certain floor areas may require dissipation to static electricity charges that are produced due to friction, particularly in electronic manufacturing industries, and storage areas of chemical and solvents with low flash points, Ammunition Depot, ATC Tower, Operation Theatre, etc.

In addition to the above service requirements, in food, drink, brewery and meat processing industries demand a totally hygienic condition at their processing sections.

Fosroc’s range PU and epoxy screeds and self-smoothing topping are exhaustive to meet these critical requirements.

Product range - Nitoflor SL1000, Nitoflor SL2000, Nitoflor SL3000, Nitoflor SL4000, Nitoflor EU5, Nitoflor SL Conductive / Dissipative, Nitoflor SL6000 UB, Fosroc Polyurea FLM, Nitoflor EPU Conductive / Dissipative, Nitoflor EPU2000, Nitoflor EPU3000, Nitoflor SL2000 UB, Nitoflor SL1000 DWE, Nitoflor SL500, Nitoflor ET Slurry and Nitoflor SL2050.

Floors in food, pharma, poultry, meat, fisheries, brewery, dairy industries and cold storages are subjected to movements of heavy trolleys, forklifts and process-related traffic. In addition to this certain parts of these floors are subjected to subzero and very low temperatures conditions continuously. These industries also require regular cleaning with steam and hot water jets.

Fosroc’s cementitious - polyurethane chemistry in the floor topping technology outperforms to meet all of these critical industry requirements.

Product - Nitoflor SL3000UT and Nitoflor RT 6000UT.

Heavy engineering industrial floors which are subjected to heavy vehicular movements, high impact loads, steel wheel movements and gantry wheels.

Floors in frozen food storages require their floors to sustain subzero temperatures. The food and beverage industry require a cleaning with steam and hot water jets.

For such service requirements Fosroc’s trowel grade epoxy and polyurethane screeds are ideal.

Product range - Nitoflor TF5000, Nitoflor TS5000, Nitoflor TF120 UB and Nitoflor TF30.

Protection to car parking decks need to sustain continuous abuse due to vehicular movements, high abrasion, turning forces sometimes direct UV attack, in addition to fuel spillage and carbon emission from the vehicle exhaust.

For such exposure the flooring treatments need to be skid resistance dust proof and seamless and sustain all the above attack.

Fosroc’s range of multilayered epoxy and polyurethane systems meet all such requirements, offering wide range of colour options.

Product range - Trafficguard UR150, Trafficguard UR100, Nitoflor FC150, Nitoflor FC150T and Trafficguard Wear Course.

Floor coverings such as Vinyl carpeting and wooden tiled flooring, need a perfectly strong and levelled base with low down time to enable quick installations and use. Such situations are common in commercial buildings, IT parks, corporate houses, hotels, hospital and sometimes in residential buildings.

Even in industrial applications, where some floors need to be refurbished to achieve hardwearing, levelled surfaces.

Fosroc’s innovative technology in cementitious toppings meet all such critical requirements.

Product range - Cemtop 250T and Nitoflor Levelcrete.

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