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Our repair materials and protective systems can help prolong the life of structures way beyond their original design.

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The deterioration of concrete is influenced by a number of physical, chemical and environmental factors. With our wide range of repair, strengthening and protection systems, we are able to select the product best suited to your needs in terms of both usability and technical properties. Our materials are also excellent for use in new construction, from cosmetic repairs to structural repairs. Fosroc has the experience and technology to get your project back on track.

Fosroc offers a wide range of repair solutions, design support, specification support and on-site application support. We have trained and experienced applicators ready to install repair systems. Our repair solutions comply with various national and international standards, including BS EN 1504 and ACI 440.

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Concrete undergoes various types of deterioration because of physical, chemical and environmental factors. From small patch repairs, like honeycombs in a new construction, to cracks in the concrete, to spalling off of the concrete due to corrosion, various products and solutions are required, and these should be easy to apply and exhibit high strength equal to the structural member. In certain large areas, repair mortars need to be spray applied for faster application.

Product range - Renderoc HS Xtra, Renderoc S2, Renderoc HB2, Renderoc FC, Renderoc SP40, Renderoc  DS40, Renderoc Plug, Patchroc, Superpatch, Renderoc CF and Renderoc CS.

When structures undergo severe destruction or when the design constitutes an increase in the size of the structural member from its original size due to change in the load, micro-concretes are used. These are free-flow, high strength, non-shrinkage concretes. Micro-concretes can flow freely into heavily congested reinforced structures, and we can also use it to build thin sections.

Product range - Renderoc RG, Renderoc RGM, Renderoc RG Spl, Renderoc RGL, Renderoc RGS, Renderoc LA Xtra, Renderoc RS Xtra and Renderoc UW.

If a repair system needs chemical resistance or strength gain requirements as early as 7 days, epoxy resin-based repair mortars will be useful. They exhibit high tensile and flexural strength, apart from very high compressive strength.

Product range – Nitomortar S, Nitomortar 30, Nitocote VF, Exposeal UW and Nitomortar PE.

For greater thickness of the repair, repair mortars often become highly expensive and produce high heat of hydration. For any thickness more than 50 mm, and if shuttering can be provided, epoxy resin-based concrete will be highly useful. Epoxy concrete also exhibits high compressive, tensile, and flexural strength and very good chemical resistance. Fosroc also offers a wide range of epoxy underwater concretes for underwater applications.

Product range - Expocrete EC and Expocrete EUW.

Certain concrete structures have deep cracks and the density of the concrete may be very low, thus requiring a high strength epoxy material to be injected into the concrete mass for structural strength enhancement. In certain areas the cracks may be water-bearing, and hence epoxy materials may not be advisable. In such conditions, hydrophobic polyurethane injection materials are useful.

Product range - Conbextra EP10, Conbextra EP10M, Conbextra EP10LV, Nitofill WS60 and Nitofill UR63.

Repairs to concrete structures where the concrete spalling is due to reinforcement corrosion, the corroded steel reinforcement bars are treated with epoxy or cement-based anti-corrosive coatings to arrest the corrosion in the steel before any other repair systems are adopted. Epoxy zinc-rich or cement polymer-based materials are used as an anti-corrosion coating.

Product range - Nitozinc Primer, Nitozinc Primer Std, Reebaklens RR and Nitocote AP35.

In the case of retrofitting of concrete structures, where we need to enhance the flexural rigidity, load carrying capacity or shear and torsional resistance of the structures, carbon fibres, glass fibres or carbon fibre plates can be used.

Product range - Nitowrap CWS, Nitowrap GW, Nitoplate CPS, Nitowrap 410, Nitowrap 40 and Nitowrap 30.

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