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Leaders in concrete admixtures – products to modify and improve the properties of fresh and hardened concrete or mortar.

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Fosroc are the pioneers in providing a range of concrete admixtures, liquid additive, added to concrete to enhance the quality and properties of concrete in both the plastic and hardened stages, which eventually help in achieving the desired durability in concrete structures. Our products comply with IS 9103, IS 2645, ASTM C 494 BSEN 934-2, BS 5057.

Types of Admixtures:

  • Water reducers, also known as superplasticizers are added to reduce the water in the concrete mix or alternatively to increase the workability - Conplast SP, Auramix and Auracast range 
  • Retarders are used to delay the setting of concrete to avoid cold joints, retain the workability of concrete and retard its setting time to the desired extent  - Conplast R and Conplast RP264
  • Accelerators are used to accelerate the setting of concrete, and used mainly low temperature regions – Conplast NC
  • Air entertainers are added to entrain air in concrete which become useful for “freeze-thaw” effect. They also improve  cohesiveness of the concrete in mass pours such as  in dam construction- Conplast PA21S and Conplast AEA
  • Corrosion inhibitors are used to mitigate the corrosion in steel – Conplast BCI
  • Integral waterproofing admixtures are used to reduce the permeability of concrete, which in turn make the concrete waterproof – Conplast WL Xtra, Conplast WP series and Conplast Crystalline
  • Shotcreting  admixtures are used as accelerator for spraying concrete in tunnels and other  concrete  repair applications – Spray Set Series  
  • Viscosity modifying agents improve the rheology of Self compacting concrete (SCC) to adjust for the poor fine aggregate grading and control the moisture variation. Auramix V200 and Auramix V100
  • Block admixture are added in to concrete to make pre cast products such as concrete blocks, paver blocks, Pre stressed electrical poles, spun pipes and other precast elements -  Auracast 50  and Conplast SD110

On Monday 14th January 2019, the Polavaram Dam project in Andhra Pradesh entered the Guinness Book of World Records for pouring 32,315mof concrete in 24-hour period. Fosroc, as the official supplier of admixture for the event, dispatched 100MT of Conplast SP430 on time to help set the world record. View the Polavaram Dam project video. 

Water is the first and foremost consumed substance in the world. Construction industry consumes the highest water for production of concrete and for curing. Concrete is the second most used commodity after water. Fosroc concrete admixtures can reduce the use of water up to 40% and at the same time improves the properties of concrete and enhance durability.
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Supporting documents for Concrete Admixtures

High early strength and curing efficiency are the most important requirements for the precast industry apart from slump retention.

Product range - Auracast 100, Auracast 270M, Auracast 405, Auracast 102 and Auracast 404.

High slump, slump retention, cohesive mix and pumpable concrete are the major requirements for the RMC industry.

Product range - Auramix 200, Auramix 300 Plus, Auramix 400, Auramix BCI, Auramix 201, Auramix 350 DIS, Auramix 350, Auramix 402, Auramix 403, Auramix 500, Auramix DIS, Conplast SP439, Conplast SP600, Conplast CN, Conplast P211, Conplast RP264, Conplast SP337, Conplast SP430 DIS, Conplast SP430G8 DIS, Conplast SP430, Conplast SP430ES2, Conplast SP430KRM6, Conplast SP440, Conplast SP500 KL, Conplast SP500, Conplast SP550, Conplast SP430SRV, Conplast SR Blue, Conplast UW and Conplast UWL.

Pavement quality concrete in road laying require high compaction designed specifically for achieving the desired flexural strength. It is essential that the concrete is able to support itself in the shape moulded for PQC applications with very low slump.

Product Range -  Auramix 300, Auramix 350 PQC and Conplast SP430 ITPQ.

In critical applications such as in diaphragm/ retaining walls, basements, roofs and roofs overlays, wet areas and water retaining structure, casting waterproofed concrete is of utmost importance to achieve water resistance.

Product range - Conplast WL Xtra, Conplast WP90 and Conplast Crystalline.

For highly congested reinforcement in columns, beams and rafts, where regular concrete placement is not possible, free-flow, self-compacting concrete (SCC) is designed so that there is no need of any vibrators. Special admixtures for SCC prevent any segregation or bleeding although fine contents which occur high during concreting.

Product range - Auramix 400, Auramix V200 and Auramix 300 Plus.

Concrete poured in shear walls and retaining walls must have high slump retention while being cohesive to give a firm finish.

Product range - Auramix 300 Plus and Auramix 450.

Concrete pours in dams needs low slump while effectively avoiding cold joints between each pour. For such specific needs, our air entraining and retarding plasticisers are ideal.

Product range - Conplast R, Conplast AEA and Conplast PA21S.

Concrete for precast railway sleepers, Paver blocks, masonry bricks, and aerated concrete blocks, have different mix designs and workability requirements. Our range of admixtures are designed to meet the various requirements of these industry.

Product range - Auracast 50, Conplast SD110, Conplast F297 and Conplast NC.

The New Austrian Tunnel Method (NATM) uses the geological stress of the surrounding mass to stabilize the tunnel itself. The excavation is immediately protected with a layer of sprayed concrete (wet) with accelerators that enable quick setting properties to provide an Initial Setting Time (IST) as low as 5 minutes. Fosroc’s range of accelerating admixtures are used for fast setting of concrete and to attain the required slump and pumpability.

Product range - Sprayset HBL, Sprayset HBLM, Sprayset HBP, Sprayset SL, Conplast SP430G8 and Auramix 300.

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