Our products help power and utility structures perform for decades under the harshest environmental conditions.

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Fosroc is a highly respected partner in extending the service life of power and utility structures. We provide solutions to protect, waterproof, repair and enhance the durability of the concrete structure, with quality products that last decades under harsh environmental conditions.

An example of our work includes waterproofing the Baraka Nuclear Power Plant, the first in the UAE, with four planned Power Plant Reactors some 50km west of Ruwais. From initial construction right through to refurbishment and decommissioning of power structures, Fosroc can provide solutions to match the exact requirements of the project.

Our Aura, Structuro and Conplast series help our power plant customers create highly durable structures, improving compressive and tensile strength, and providing integral waterproofing admixtures, curing compounds, dry shrinkage reducers and corrosion inhibitors to protect against external chemical attack.

Our power plant solutions include:

  • A range of high performance and technically superior admixtures for concrete
  • A fully integrated range of highly durable waterproofing solutions for below and above ground waterproofing
  • Protection of external and internal concrete structure to ensure durability
  • Precision-engineered grouts to create a complete support for the base of a machine and for load transfer
  • A full range of innovative solutions for sealing expansion and construction joints
  • High performance mortars tested to EN 1504, for structural and non-structural repairs

Supporting documents for

  • Renderoc repair mortars for reinstatement of damaged concrete and render.
  • Renderoc FC for reprofiling and sealing of concrete.
  • Dekguard coatings for protection from carbonation and chlorides. 
  • Post application structural strengthening using fibre reinforced composites and adhesives
  • Nitoplate carbon fibre plates
  • Nitowrap Carbon, Aramid and Glass fabric wrapping system
  • Nitorod  embedded carbon fibre reinforcing bars
  • High strength High fluidity grouts to ensure precise, strong and consistent support.
  • Combextra HF & GP cementitious grouts
  • Conbextra EP Range of epoxy grouts
  • Conbextra HT for high service temperature applications
  • Lokfix resins for secure anchoring of bolts
  • A range of ancillary products for creating stable and durable bases for Wind Turbines
  • Conbextra BB92 high strength grout for turbine bases
  • Lokfix resin Anchors
  • A range of Admixture systems for foundation plinth
  • Nitocote coatings for waterproofing sealing of turbine bases.
  • Cementitious and resinous grouts and anchors for supporting critical structural elements.
  • Conbextra GP, HF, EP Load bearing grouts
  • Lokfix Resins Anchors

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