Our range of products and solutions for new construction of Dams as well for repair and rehabilitation will enhance the life of structure far beyond.

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Fosroc has a wide range of products and services for both new construction and repair and rehabilitation of dam structures. Dams are built for different purposes; for example, water in a single reservoir can be used for fishing, to generate hydroelectric power, or to support an irrigation system.

Auxiliary structures that can help a dam function properly include spillways, movable gates, and valves that control the release of surplus water downstream from the dam. Dams can also include intake structures that deliver water to a power station or to canals, tunnels, or pipelines designed to convey the water stored by the dam to distant locations. For all the challenges a dam structure undergoes in terms of leakages, erosion of spillways, corrosion of gates, etc., Fosroc’s extensive range of products and technologies can be used to restore and rehabilitate the dam.

Our dam solutions include:

  • A range of high performance and technically superior admixtures for roller compacted concrete and mass concrete
  • High performance mortars tested to BSEN standards for structural and non-structural repairs
  • High performance PU injections for grouting for live leakages
  • Robust and performance coatings for protection of dam gates

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Concrete admixtures for roller compacted concrete, mass concrete and other structural elements.
Product range – Conplast R, Conplast AEA, Conplast PA21S, Conplast SP430, Conplast SP430ES2, Auramix 200, Auramix 300 and Auramix 400.

Epoxy and cementitious high strength free-flow grouts and concretes for fixing Dam gates.
Product range – Conbextra EP75, Conbextra EP120, Conbextra EP300, Conbextra UHS90, Conbextra UW and Conbextra EUW.

Fosroc offers complete range of repair and rehabilitation products for masonry and concrete dams.

Cementitious injection grouts for Dam body grouting.
Product range – Renderoc RG, Cebex 100 and Cebex 200.

Hydrophobic polyurethane injection grouts for water bearing cracks.
Product range – Nitofill UR63 and Nitofill WS60.

Cementitious high strength mortars for pointing repairs in size stone masonry dams.
Product range – Renderoc HS Xtra, Renderoc SP40, Renderoc DS40 and Nitocote SN525.

High strength epoxy & cementitious concrete and mortars for spillway and bucket repairs.
Product range – Renderoc UW, Expocrete EC, Exposeal UW and Expocrete EUW.

Fast setting patch repair mortars for structural repairs.
Product range – Renderoc S2, Renderoc HS Xtra, Renderoc SP40 and Renderoc Plug.

Epoxy and Cementitious concrete for encasement repairs.
Product range - Renderoc RG, Renderoc RG Spl, Renderoc RGM, Renderoc RGS and Renderoc RGL and Expocrete EC.

Zinc rich epoxy and protective coatings for gates.
Product range – Nitozinc primer, Nitocote ET550, Nitocote ET402 and Nitocote NT402.

Rust removers and etching agents.
Product range – Reebaklens and Reebaklens RR.

Bonding agents, mortar and screed modifiers for repairs
Product range – Nitobond EP, Nitobond EP Standard, Nitobond SBR and Nitobond AR.

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