From high range water reducers to slump retention and accelerating solutions. Berger Fosroc Concrete Admixtures helps to modify and improve the properties of fresh and hardened concrete or mortar.

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Berger Fosroc’s vision is to provide the highest quality products, services, support and solutions to the concrete industry. With an extensive and fully integrated product range, Berger Fosroc is able to offer total solutions from the initial technical work right through to the final application including;

  • Initial plant or site visit to provide technical evaluation and recommendations through our expert concrete technologists.
  • Berger Fosroc Concrete Laboratory evaluation provides solutions to the requirements before actual application at the sites.
  • On-site trial support to assist concrete admixture product evaluation and optimization by our experts.

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Admixture for Concrete workability retention upto 2 hours.
Product range - Conplast SP439, Conplast SP430, Conplast SP430ES2, Conplast SP430KRM6, Auramix 200, Auramix 300 and Conplast SP430SRV.

Admixture for Concrete workability retention between 2 hours to 4 hours.
Product range - Auramix 400, Auramix 500, Conplast SP500, Conplast SP600, Conplast SP440, Conplast SP500 KL and Conplast SP550.

Admixture for Concrete workability retention for more than 4 hour.
*Consult Fosroc experts under our Expert hub section.

Admixture for High early strength and precast concrete.
Product range - Auracast 270M, Auracast 100, Auracast 405 and Auracast 102.

Admixture for Concrete with low fines to achieve free flow property.
Product - Auramix 450.

Admixture for Self-compacting concrete.
Product - Auramix 300 Plus.

Admixture for Waterproof Concrete.
Product range - Conplast WL Xtra, Conplast WP90 and Conplast Crystalline.

Admixture for Modifying Viscosity in Self-compacting Concrete for underwater applications.
Product - Auramix V200

Admixture for High early strength concrete for TBM and Wind Mill segment casting.
Product - Auracast 270M.

Admixture for Casting reinforced elements viz., walls, slabs, beams and staircase etc.,
Product range - Auracast 100 and Auracast 102.

Admixture for Production of Inter-locking blocks, paver blocks, manholes covers, electrical poles and Hume pipes.
Product range - Auracast 50, Conplast SD110 and Conplast NC.

Admixture for Free flow concrete in tunnel shuttering demanding high early strength of       15 MPa in 15 hour.
Product - Auracast 405.

Admixture for manufacturing of Concrete railway sleepers.
Product - Auracast 270M.

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