You’ll find our rail infrastructure solutions in key international projects, from London to Adelaide.

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Fosroc has long been a key partner to the international rail industry, helping to meet the industry’s demands for performance, reliability, efficiency and network availability. We offer a wide range of solutions, covering overground and underground stations, tunnels, bridges, car parks, gantries and depots.

We’ve played a key role on projects such as Crossrail, Manchester Metrolink, Birmingham New Street, and the Riyadh Metro – giving us worldwide recognition for the quality, reliability and durability of our solutions.

Fosroc is a Link-up registered supplier to the industry, with many of our products carrying London Underground approval. Our products are manufactured under quality management systems certified to ISO 9001 and meet all relevant performance standards. 

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Fosroc offers a variety of solutions for Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM), Cut and Cover, Drill and Blast tunnel construction methods, delivering improvements in performance and cost-effectiveness through trouble-free shotcreting, waterproofing and crack repairs. Fosroc also produces a wide range of admixtures for precast and site cast concrete tunnel linings.


  • Sprayset Shotcrete rock structure consolidation
  • Polyurea WPE waterproof coating
  • Proofex waterproofing and drainage membranes
  • Supercast PVC and hydrophilic waterstops
  • Nitoseal joint sealants
  • Nitofill crack repair
  • Cebex, Conbextra and Lokfix grouts
  • Vertical and overhead concrete repair solutions, soffit repairs, tunnel segment repairs
  • Grouting solutions for seats, gantries, Perspex screens, ironwork and void filling
  • Platform repairs
  • Steel protection primer
  • Patch repairs

Car park decking coatings

  • Nitodek UR200/Trafficguard UR100, for flexible, exposed & intermediate slab car park deck coating
  • Nitodek UR90/Trafficguard UR150/Nitoflor FC150,for intermediate slab car park deck coating
  • Nitodek UR300/Trafficguard UR100/Nitoflor NT or ET Slurry, turning circles and ramps highly slip resistance deck coating

Stair & Lift Well


  • Renderoc wall repair and fair facing mortars
  • Dekguard protective anti-carbonation coating
  • Nitoseal joint sealants


  • Nitoflor FC anti-slip floor coating
  • Fosroc for repairs to steps
  • Nitoseal floor joint sealant
  • Conbextra and Lokfix grouts for ironwork reinstatement

Underground Structures

New build

  • Proofex waterproofing membranes and drainage systems for basements and lift pits
  • Supercast hydrophilic waterstops for non-movement joints

Repairs to existing structure

  • Nitofill crack injection (non-structural)
  • Proofex Cavitydrain internal drainage system
  • Supercast PVC waterstopping systems
  • Renderoc concrete repair mortars

Concrete/Render Repairs

  • Renderoc repair mortars for reinstatement of columns and fascias
  • Dekguard anti-carbonation protection of columns

Decks, Turning Circles & Ramps

Nitodek range of car decking systems providing a highly durable solution for decks, turning circles, ramps and pedestrian walkways

  • Patchroc GP and Paveroc patch repair mortars
  • Thioflex and Nitoseal fuel resistant, high movement, joint sealant

Roadway & Pavement Repair

  • Fosroc® setting bedding mortars for repairs, bedding-in ironwork and installing stone setts, paving and block paviours
  • Conbextra and Lokfix grouts for fixing ironwork handrails and bollards

Flat roofs

  • Nitoproof fire-rated UV-stable coating
  • Fosroc® Polyurea waterproof spray-applied coating
  • Nitoseal joint sealants
  • Flamex fire-rated sealants

Concrete repair & coatings

  • Nitoprime Zincrich steel protective coating
  • Renderoc repair mortars for soffits and walls
  • Dekguard protective anti-carbonation coating

Patform Repairs

  • Paveroc and Patchroc GP patch repair mortars for small or large areas
  • Fosroc ® XR rapidbedding mortars
  • Conbextra and Lokfix grouts for fixing ironwork and drainage channels
  • Nitoseal joint sealants
  • Flamex fire-rated sealants

Underground Structures

  • Proofex fully integrated range of waterproofing and drainage membranes and ancillaries
  • Supercast PVC and hydrophilic waterstops
  • Fosroc® Polyurea waterproof spray-applied seamless coating

Floor coatings

  • Cemtop XD/Cemtop 400SD for levelling the concrete floor
  • Nitoflor Lithurin 2 for dust proof concrete floor surface
  • Nitoflor Hardtop for high abrasion resistance concrete floor
  • Nitoflor E terrazzo, for heavy duty, highly durable & decorative flooring
  • Nitoseal MS300, floor joint sealant
  • Nitotile GP / Nitotile XS, high performance tile adhesive

Under-rail grouting

High precision grouts for load bearing and resistance to weathering and dynamic forces.

Gantry solutions

  • Conbextra grouts for grouting in gantries, filling large voids and gantries exposed to high wind sheer
  • Lokfix grout for bolt fixing and anchoring
  • Galvafroid rust protection

Precast concrete structure

  • Auracast precast admixtures
  • Auramix ready-mix admixtures
  • Auramol mould release agents
  • Preco surface retarders used with precast and cast in-situ concrete to avoid scabbling
  • Conbextra PM structural grout for gaps in precast units

Parapet and concrete repair solutions

Renderoc repair system for bridge strike, soffit repairs; spalling due to de-icing salts causing corrosion

  • Dekguard anti-carbonation protective coatings
  • Nitoseal roadway joint sealants

Cycle path/Footbridges

  • Nitoproof anti-slip coating
  • Nitoseal joint sealant

Grouting solutions

  • Conbextra BB bridge bearing grout
  • Conbextra range for grouting of lighting columns and other hardware
  • Lokfix anchor grout for grouting of barriers

Structural Strengthening

Post application structural strengthening using fibre reinforced composites and adhesives Nitoplate carbon fibre plates, Nitowrap Carbon, Aramid and Glass fabric wrapping system. Nitorod embedded carbon fibre reinforcing bars.

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