You will find complete solutions for defence Civil engineering and Infra structures. Our flooring solutions for Hangars floors do protect for high wear and tear for jet movements.

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Defence establishments are majorly categorised into Army, Navy and Air Force. The structures and facilities built for defence are of high strategic importance, and thus the performance requirements are critical and technical specifications are generally governed by military engineering services. Fosroc takes great pride in having served various projects to the defence sector in terms of waterproofing, flooring, repairs, sealants, concrete admixtures and other product segments.

Fosroc’s solutions for the defence sector include:

  • A range of high performance and technically superior admixtures for concrete
  • A fully integrated range of highly durable waterproofing solutions for bunkers and underground structures
  • A full range of industrial flooring and decking solutions, offering both protection and performance in aggressive chemical environments
  • Precision-engineered grouts to create a complete support for the base of a machine and for load transfer
  • A full range of innovative solutions for sealing expansion and construction joints
  • High performance mortars tested to BSEN standards for structural and non-structural repairs

Supporting documents for

General buildings and Ammunition storage bunkers:

Concrete admixtures for various components in buildings viz., raft foundations, columns, beams, roof slabs.
Product range – Conplast SP430, Conplast SP430 SRV, Conplast SP430ES2, Conplast WL, Auramix 200, Auramix 300, Auramix 402 and Auramix 403.

Shutter release and curing compounds.
Product range – Reebol, Reebol Emulsion, Reebol Emulsion Xtra, Concure WB Clear, Concure WB White, Concure WB Standard, Concure AB White and Concure 1315 White.

Waterproof membranes for Basement.
Product range - Fosroc Membrane HDPE-P, Fosroc Membrane HDPE-P(Smooth)RF, Fosroc Membrane HDPE-S, Proofex 3000, Proofex Engage, Proofex PGP, Proofex PGP(X), Proofex Torchseal 4SI, Proofex Torchseal 4PI, Proofex Torchseal 4SI Standard, Proofex Torchseal 4PI Standard, Proofex Self Adhesive Geotext, Supercast SW20, Supercast SW30, Supercast EPT and Supercast Predimax Injection Hose.

Waterproof coatings and membranes for Podium slabs and Terrace.
Product range - Fosroc Polyurea WPE, Fosroc Polyurea WH 200, Nitoproof 600 Standard, Nitoproof 600PF, Brushbond RFX, Brushbond, Brushbond Roofguard, Brushbond TGP, Proofex ORG, Proofex OGP, Proofex OFB, Proofex Torchseal 3SI, Proofex Torchseal 3PI, Proofex Torchseal 3SI Standard, Proofex Torchseal 3PI Standard, Brushbond TI Flexicoat, Proofex Self Adhesive PR20, Proofex Self Adhesive PR15, Nitoproof UVR Topcoat and Nitoproof 100/120.

Waterproof coatings for wet areas, swimming pools and balconies.
Product range – Brushbond, Brushbond RFX, Nitocote CM210, Brushcrete and Hydroproof Xtra.

Bonding agents for old to new concrete.
Product range - Nitobond EP and Nitobond EP Standard.

Mortar and screed modifier cum bonding aid.
Product range - Nitobond SBR, Nitobond SBR Latex, Nitobond SBR300, Nitobond AR, Nitobond AR Standard.

Epoxy or Polyurethane based flexible, multilayered coating for Car park decks.
Product range - Trafficguard UR150, Trafficguard UR100, Nitoflor FC150, Nitoflor FC150T, Nitoflor TF5000 and Nitoflor EU5.

Resins for anchoring grills, railings, fan hooks and bar extensions.
Product range - Lokfix, Lokfix S (FS) and Lokfix E35S.

High performance resin anchors for forming structural connections.
Product range - Lokfix E75, Lokfix E55S and Lokfix E35S

Food grade certified waterproof coatings for water storage tanks.
Product range - Nitocote CM210 and Nitocote EP405.

High performance floor toppings for equipment manufacturing areas.
Product range – Nitoflor EU5, Nitoflor SL2000, Nitoflor SL3000 UT, Nitoflor SL Conductive / Dissipative, Nitoflor SL3000UT ESD, Nitoflor EPU2000, Nitoflor EPU3000 and Nitoflor ET Slurry.

High performance protective coatings for external walls and facades.
Product range - Nitocote Wallguard, Dekguard S, Nitocote SN522 and Nitocote SN525.

Performance based coatings for STP, ETP and Firefighting water storage tanks.
Product range - Nitocote NT402, Nitocote ET550, Nitocote ET402 and Nitocote EP410.

Sealants and Flexible Polyolefin tapes for Expansion joint sealing.
Product range - Nitoseal PU40, Thioflex 600, Expoband One and Hydrocell XL.

Tile fixing adhesives and Tile joint fillers.
Product range - Nitotile GP, Nitotile GPX, Nitotile MPA, Nitotile GTA, Nitotile Grout and Nitotile EPW Grout.

Crack repairs for Internal and External walls.
Product range – Renderoc CF, Renderoc CS and Decofill.

Cementitious self-levelling underlay for Vinyl, wooden floorings and decorative carpets.
Product - Cemtop 250T.

Concrete admixtures for construction of piled jetties, diaphragm walls, docks, tetrapod, and facility buildings.
Product range – Conplast SP430, Conplast SP500 KL, Conplast SP500, Auramix 300, Auramix 400, Auramix BCI, Conplast CN, Conplast UW and Conplast UWL.

Shutter release and curing compounds.
Product range – Reebol, Reebol Emulsion, Concure WB White, Concure WB Clear, Concure WB Standard and Concure AB White.

High performance resins for anchoring moorings, buoy, and poles.
Product range – Lokfix E75, Lokfix E55S and Lokfix TR.

Epoxy and cementitious grouts for crane rail and equipment grouting.
Product range – Conbextra GP1, Conbextra GP2, Conbextra GP3, Conbextra Std, Conbextra HF, Conbextra UHS90, Conbextra EP75, Conbextra EP300, Conbextra EP120 and Conbextra UW.

High performance floor toppings for jetties, loading, unloading bays and storage warehouses.
Product range – Nitoflor Levelcrete, Nitoflor ET Slurry and Trafficguard UR150.

Protective coatings for structural members.
Product range – Dekguard S, Dekguard WB300 and Dekguard E2000.

Protective coatings for splash zone in piled jetties.
Product range – Nitocote PE135 and Nitocote EM300.

Concrete admixture for Pavement Quality Concrete in taxiways and parking bays.
Product range – Conplast SP430ITPQ, Auramix 350 PQC and Auramix 350.

High-performance curing compounds.
Product range – Concure LP90, Concure LP90M and Concure LP90M Std.

Fuel resistant and high MAF sealants for concrete joints.
Product range – Thioflex 600, Colpor 200, Colpor 200PF and Hydrocell XL.

Epoxy and Polyurethane based floor toppings for hangar floors.
Product range – Nitoflor EU5, Nitoflor SL2000, Nitoflor SL Conductive / Dissipative, Nitoflor EPU2000, Nitoflor EPU3000, Nitoflor SL3000 UT, Nitoflor SL3000 UT ESD, Nitoflor EPU Conductive & Dissipative and Trafficguard UR150.

High performance waterproof coatings and membranes for hangar roofs.
Product range – Proofex ORG, Fosroc Polyurea WPE, Polyurea WH 200 and Nitoproof UVR Topcoat.

Fosroc offers complete range of repair and rehabilitation solutions for Defense sector.

Low viscous epoxy grouts for cracks in structural elements.
Product range – Conbextra EP10, Conbextra EP10M and Conbextra EP10 LV.

Hydrophobic polyurethane injection grouts for water bearing cracks.
Product range – Nitofill UR63 and Nitofill WS60.

Polymer modified cementitious fast setting floor repair mortars.
Product range - Nitoflor Levelcrete, Patchroc and Superpatch.

Fast setting patch repair mortars for structural repairs.
Product range – Renderoc S2, Renderoc HS Xtra, Renderoc SP40, Renderoc DS40, Renderoc FC, Nitomortar S, Nitomortar 30 and Nitomortar PE.

Epoxy and Cementitious concrete for encasement repairs.
Product range - Renderoc RG, Renderoc RG Spl, Renderoc RGM, Renderoc RGS and Renderoc RGL and Expocrete EC.

Rust removers, etching agents and epoxy coatings for cathodic protection of re-bar.
Product range – Reebaklens, Reebaklens RR, Nitozinc Primer and Nitozinc Primer Standard.

Retrofitting of concrete structures with fiber reinforced polymers.
Product range – Nitowrap CWS, Nitowrap GW, Nitoplate CPS, Nitowrap 410, Nitowrap 40, Nitowrap 30 and Nitocote VF.

Cementitious and epoxy based under water repair products.
Product range – Renderoc UW, Renderoc EUW, Expocrete EUW and Exposeal EUW.

Fast setting cement based plugging mortar for arresting running water leakages.
Product - Renderoc plug.

High performance resin anchors for structural connections.
Product range – Lokfix, Lokfix S (FS), Lokfix E75, Lokfix E55S, Lokfix E35S and Lokfix TR.

High performance protective coatings for structural elements.
Product range – Dekguard S, Dekguard E2000, Dekguard WB300, Dekguard S300, Nitocote BCS300 and Nitocote UR512.

Protective coatings for splash zone in piled jetties.
Product range – Nitocote PE135 and Nitocote EM300.

Bonding agents, mortar and screed modifiers for repairs.
Product range – Nitobond EP, Nitobond EP Standard, Nitobond SBR, Nitobond SBR Latex, Nitobond SBR300, Nitobond AR and Nitobond AR Standard.

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