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Concrete structures and foundations can be damaged by inadequate waterproofing, cracking and joint failure, resulting in water leaking into the structure, and eventually weakening of the building itself. Fosroc has a reputation for identifying the right chemical technology to avoid these issues, from initial construction through to refurbishment and decommissioning of building structures.

Particularly in the case of high-rise building, there is a requirement for high-pumpability concrete to reduce the construction period, driving down costs as well as improving efficiency. Fosroc offers a wide range of specialised concrete admixtures solutions to ensure contractors and concrete producers are able to achieve exceptional performance, both technically and commercially.

Our buildings solutions include:

  • A range of high performance and technically superior admixtures for concrete
  • A fully integrated range of highly durable waterproofing solutions for below and above ground waterproofing
  • Protection of external and internal concrete structure to ensure durability
  • Precision-engineered grouts to create a complete support for the base of a machine and for load transfer
  • A full range of innovative solutions for sealing expansion and construction joints
  • High performance mortars tested to EN 1504, for structural and non-structural repairs

Supporting documents for

  • Proofex TPO waterproofing membranes
  • Nitoproof 800 - PU liquid-applied waterproofing
  • Polyurea WPE / WH 200 spray-applied waterproofing
  • Nitoproof 725 - One-component cold-applied water based modified polyurethane hybrid elastomeric waterproof membrane.   
  • Proofex Sheetdrain membranes
  • Nitoseal joint sealants
  • Hydrocell XL joint filler board
  • Post application structural strengthening using fibre reinforced composites and adhesives
  • Nitoplate carbon fibre plates
  • Nitowrap Carbon, Aramid and Glass fabric wrapping system
  • Nitorod  embedded carbon fibre reinforcing bars
  • Cemtop floor leveling compounds, Nitoseal MS300 joint sealant and Patchroc fast setting concrete patching compound for any repairs.
  • Nitotile GP / Nitotile XS, for high performance waterproof tile adhesive
  • Nitotile grout / Nitotile LM grout, tile joint grouts
  • Cemtop XD/Cemtop 400SD for levelling the concrete floor
  • Nitoflor Lithurin 2 for dust proof concrete floor surface
  • Nitoflor Hardtop for high abrasion resistance concrete floor
  • Nitoflor E terrazzo, for heavy duty, highly durable & decorative flooring
  • Nitodek UR 200 / Trafficguard UR, for flexible car park exposed deck coatings
  • Nitodek UR90 / Trafficguard UR150/Nitoflor FC150 intermediate & ground slab car park deck coating
  • Nitoseal MS300, floor joint sealant
  • Auramix and Structuro polycarboxylate-ether based high performance superplasticiser admixtures
  • Conplast range of water reducers, plasticisers, superplasticisers and specialty admixtures
  • Preco surface retarders
  • Concure curing compounds
  • Fosroc provides a range of ancillary products for erecting precast structures
  • Conbextra PM, Pumpable mortar for filling and bedding round precast units
  • Conbextra GP - for grouting
  • Nitobond EP and Nitofix for high strength adhesion
  • Nitoseal flexible and durable  single part sealants
  • Nitoseal PU40 and MS100 sealants
  • Expandafoam joint filler
  • Fosrocs range of resin anchors and adhesives provides a high strength and easy to use bond to nearly every building material.
  • Lokfix polyester resin anchoring
  • Lokfix dur epoxy resin  anchoring artridges for ease of use.
  • Nitobond and Nitofix adhesives for structural bonding.
  • Nitobond Resins for crack injection.
  • Cementitious and resinous grouts and anchors for supporting critical structural elements
  • Conbextra GP, HF, EP Load bearing grouts
  • Lokfix Resins Anchors
  • Nitoseal MS and PU range, Expandafoam/Hydrocell joint filler and Thioflex 600 sealant.
  • Renderoc repair mortars for reinstatement of damaged concrete and render
  • Renderoc FC for reprofiling and sealing of concrete
  • Dekguard coatings for protection from carbonation and chlorides
  • Proofex fully integrated range of waterproofing and drainage membranes and ancillaries
  • Supercast PVC and hydrophilic waterstops
  • Fosroc Polyurea waterproof spray-applied seamless coating

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