Proofex Engage makes its mark in Australia

Proofex Engage makes its mark in Australia

Posted on 23 August 2016 at 00:00

Proofex Engage makes its mark in Australia

Fosroc, in collaboration with their licensee partner Parchem Construction Supplies Pte Ltd, held several key technical seminars across Australia during August 2016.

Events took place in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth where the seminar subject “Fosroc Solutions for Waterproofing” especially focused around below ground construction waterproofing. Fosroc’s class leading high technology Proofex Engage system, the original and best mechanically bonded pre-applied membrane, was presented and demonstrated to the attendees. Over 280 construction industry personnel attended the four events with many interesting and engaging discussions taking place.  

Bhaven Kothari, Fosroc Asia’s Regional Product Segment Manager – Waterproofing & Sealants, said: “We had a high level of engagement at each seminar where we talked about the challenges associated with below ground construction and historic waterproofing issues faced in the Australian A/E/C Community. The various solutions that were discussed using Proofex Engage pre-applied mechanically bonded membrane technology, addressed those challenges and was highly appreciated by the attendees”.

Fosroc together with their Licensee partner Parchem are committed to supporting the Australia & New Zealand construction community with their proven technology and bespoke solutions.

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