Not all dry sprays are created equal

Not all dry sprays are created equal

Posted on 13 June 2023 at 09:42

Not all dry sprays are created equal

All product properties should be taken into consideration to identify the best solution. When selecting a dry spray concrete repair material for a building, bridge, tunnel, or marine structure repair project, application time, upfront cost and ease of supply are often key factors in the buying process. Certain nuances however, can be overlooked in what may seem like a straightforward comparison against alternative brands. An example of this is how Fosroc’s Renderoc DS and DSR (Dry Spray and Dry Spray Rapid) offers fibre reinforced strength, in addition to market leading low rebound performance for reduced material wastage.

The benefits of the fibres

1: Enhanced cohesiveness of the wet mortar, to achieve better build in a single layer (Renderoc DSR can be applied up to 200mm deep vertically in a single layer, whereas typical alternatives can only achieve 150mm).
2: In the event of a fire the fibres will melt, creating passages for trapped moisture and steam to escape, causing less pressure and spalling.

Why is low rebound an important feature?

In practice, high rebound levels negatively affect projects, for example:
• Less reinstatement of mortar per hour of work, due to re-bound – Slower progress
• More cost to the installer, as material is wasted. Re-bound cannot go back into the mix process, as it’s a dry mix process
• Re-bound has to be cleaned-up (often from hard to access places) and ultimately ends up in a skip

Versatile & Sustainable

Renderoc DS & DSR are highly versatile, being ideal for isolated and large area repairs to beams, columns, and panels, with or without incorporation of cathodic protection systems. They can also be used as a wide scale overlay system to increase cover to the reinforcement, with DSR carrying the added benefit of extra-rapid setting and early strength gain. With an inherently high resistance to CO2 and excellent bond to concrete, both products satisfy Class R4 of BS EN 1504-3. Renderoc DS & DSR are also encompassed within Fosroc’s recently generated EPD’s. With proven quality, versatility, and efficiency, Renderoc DS and DSR provide a comprehensive and sustainable solution.

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