Fosroc's New Solution for Highway Repairs

Fosroc's New Solution for Highway Repairs

Posted on 6 March 2018 at 09:22

Fosroc's New Solution for Highway Repairs

After more than 30 years Patchroc GP continues to enjoy an established position in the market as a patch repair mortar, but Fosroc’s new Patchroc 250 product, features improved characteristics providing customers with considerable savings in both time and cost.

Working closely with contractors on major road projects, Fosroc recognised the requirement for a product which could provide rapid and permanent reinstatement of localised thick section patches in concrete carriageways and this has led to the launch of a new product, Patchroc 250. Designed for Highways use, being safe and easy to use, economical and providing fast return to service were the key factors of the product development.

Patchroc 250 - Key Features:

  • Return to traffic in 2 hours
  • Ready for membranes in 4 hours
  • Increased repair depth of 250mm
  • Cement chemistry for simple handling
  • Primerless
  • Non-cracking
  • Can be applied to a camber
  • Effective in low temperatures

With its high strength, abrasion and weather resistance Patchroc 250 is ideal for external works and can be left as a trafficable finish for use within two hours. Alternatively it can be overlaid with deck membranes and coatings. Whereas traditional repair materials require 7 – 28 days to adequately dry before they can be overcoated, Patchroc 250 achieves a surface moisture content of <6% in four hours, potentially offering drastic time and cost savings if being used in combination with a deck waterproofing system such as Fosroc’s Matacryl.

Patchroc 250’s unique cement chemistry, providing rapid setting and rapid strength gain, but low heat generation, ensures no thermal cracking at high thickness. It also has low hydration shrinkage further reducing the risk of cracking. The thicker section means that most repair depths can be patched in a single application.

Importantly Patchroc 250 also meets the requirement of being easy to apply: it is supplied as a one component, pre-bagged material to overcome site batched variations and requires only the site addition of clean water. It requires the same HSE considerations as standard concrete. It is supplied in both 25 kg bags and 500kg sacks and can be used without a primer for most applications, yet still achieves an excellent bond to the concrete substrate.

Patchroc 250 joins a suite of new products designed to provide fast effective and durable repairs to the UKs highways. These include:

  • Fosroc Renderoc LA60 (Thick section castable repair mortar)
  • Fosroc Renderoc DSR (Rapid-ste Dry-Spray repair mortar)
  • Fosroc Matacryl (rapid set deck membrane)
  • Protectosil CIT (Corrosion Inhibitor and Silane protection)

As well as favourite and time proven systems such as:

  • Conbextra BB (Bridge bearing Grout)
  • Lokfix (polyester resin anchors)
  • Patchroc GP (large section deck repairs)
  • Renderoc HB45 – Heavy Duty Patch Repair Material

Fosroc has a team of concrete repair experts on hand to assist you in the selection of the right systems for your repair and refurbishment applications. To find out more about Patchroc 250 or any of our repair solutions, contact us via email or phone us on +44 (0) 1827 262222.

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