Fosroc Project Awarded

Fosroc Project Awarded

Posted on 26 May 2015 at 09:45

Fosroc Project Awarded

The Drainage Services Department's Happy Valley underground stormwater storage scheme received the Highly Commended New Engineering Contract (NEC) Large Project of the Year 2015 award.

Built at the Happy Valley Recreation Ground, the scheme involves the construction of an underground stormwater storage tank with a capacity of 60,000 cubic metres, about the size of 24 standard swimming pools.

Fosroc Hong Kong worked closely with the customer and proposed a high end 4th generation Polycarboxylate superplasticizer together with Fosroc’s high performance SRA admixture Conplast Controller. The benefit of the SRA is that it enhances the concrete performance and helps reduces shrinkage such that the concrete would have waterproofing effect. The Fosroc admixture solution gave the customer an ultimate compressive strength close to 80MPa with a high flow ability and long retention required at very low cement content.

Fosroc Hong Kong’s project manager David Hsu, said “This project was an excellent example of setting the bar in terms of our ability to exceed performance requirements. The award is justification for the hard work and professionalism shown by everyone involved throughout the scheme’s construction period.

Click here to view the Happy Valley case study

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