Fosroc India Mega Event Mumbai 2023

Fosroc India Mega Event Mumbai 2023

Posted on 17 October 2023 at 05:28

Fosroc India Mega Event Mumbai 2023

The Fosroc Mega Event in Mumbai, spanning from 4th to 7th October 2023, was a remarkable four-day exploration of innovative construction solutions. This recap highlights the key insights from each day's presentations, featuring distinguished experts from the industry.

Day 1: Fosroc constructive solution for Sustainable Concrete

The event commenced with a spotlight on sustainable concrete solution. A showstopper? Mr. Devendra Kumar Pandey, Technical Head of Ultratech Cement, lit up the stage with a visionary talk on sustainable construction. Representing Industry Professionals, key clients & key customers, gathered to discover Fosroc constructive solutions for concrete.

Day 2: Fosroc Constructive Solution for Repairs and Protective Coating

Second day rocked with a deep dive into mitigation technologies for Reinforced Concrete (RCC) structures, shedding light on repairs and protective coatings. The event featured Mr. Dhruvesh Shah, Head – India Business of Vector Corrosion Technologies as the Chief Guest. His profound knowledge enriched the audience's understanding of how Fosroc's solutions can mitigate structural challenges effectively.

Day 3: Fosroc Constructive Solution for Buildings with 360-Degree Building Solutions from Basement to Roof

On the third day, attendees immersed themselves in a comprehensive array of building solutions. From basements to rooftops, the event covered waterproofing, anchors, grouts, tile fixing solutions, and car park deck coatings. It showcased how Fosroc provides end-to-end solutions for every facet of construction, ensuring durability and performance.

Day 4: Fosroc constructive solution for Industrial Floorings

The grand finale of the event centred on industrial flooring solutions. Mr. Rai Chaudhary, Chief Engineer of CPWD Mumbai who graced the occasion as the Chief Guest & Mr. Ganesh Chaudhari, who joined the event as an Expert speaker, he is founder of Floor Mart Global which is a Consulting and EPC concrete flooring organization, which works closely with IIT Madras & IITM on durable concrete solution for Industrial floors and gave a mesmerizing presentation, adding to the day’s brilliance. The day highlighted the critical role of durable and efficient flooring in industrial facilities.

The Fosroc Mega Event 2023 was a testament to the company's dedication to fostering sustainable and innovative solutions in the construction industry. Throughout the four days, attendees had ample opportunities to network, exchange ideas, and explore potential collaborations. 

So, what's the verdict? The Fosroc Mega Event 2023 was the pinnacle of innovation and connection. Fosroc continues to be at the forefront of the construction industry, partnering with its clients to build a more sustainable and efficient future.

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