Fosroc India Annual SFA and Platinum Distributor Meet 2023

Fosroc India Annual SFA and Platinum Distributor Meet 2023

Posted on 5 January 2024 at 06:08

Fosroc India Annual SFA and Platinum Distributor Meet 2023

A Technological Triumph

Fosroc India recently concluded its flagship Annual SFA and Platinum Distributor Meet 2023 in Amritsar, an event that spanned from December 21st to 23rd. Bringing together our Business Partners, SFAs, Platinum distributors, and Fosroc technical experts, the gathering exemplified Fosroc India unwavering commitment to excellence and set the stage for the future of the construction industry.

Technical Unveilings:

Mr. Sai Krishnan, Regional Vice President, charted a course for the future. His strategic keynote not only offered profound insights into the visionary landscape but also methodically presented forthcoming opportunities for our esteemed business partners. In harmony with Fosroc India steadfast commitment to excellence and core values.

Mr. G B Vamadev, General Manager - Technical, unveiled the newly introduced products, emphasizing technical excellence.

The technical narrative continued with Mr. Manoharan Manoj insights into retail automation, regional warehousing strategy, and the new production facility at Hyderabad.

The unveiling of distribution management software, trade schemes and loyalty programs by Mr. K. Shankar & Mr. Tejas Ranga showcased efficiency reshaping the distribution network.

Digital Horizons and Beyond:

Mr. Mohan Kumar delved into Fosroc India Digital Marketing Initiatives, interactive tools, and a new mobile app, paving the way for a digital renaissance in the construction sector. 

Mr. B S Nagaraj, National Sales Manager - Building Segment B&C, delivered a heartfelt vote of thanks, leaving participants with a blend of technical insights, strategic foresight, and a sense of collective momentum.

The Grand Finale:

The very next day in the evening unique blend of Rewards and Recognition and a Cultural Programme, capping off a day that seamlessly blended business insights with cultural experiences.

Fosroc India stands as a beacon,

shaping the construction landscape with technological brilliance.

Here’s to a future where every constructive solution tells a story of innovation.

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