Fosroc goes Sphagnum Moss Planting

Fosroc goes Sphagnum Moss Planting

Posted on 13 December 2023 at 10:58

Fosroc goes Sphagnum Moss Planting

As part of a social value initiative organised by Balvac Balfour Beatty, representatives from Fosroc joined a group of volunteers for a day moss planting with the National Trust at the Snake Pass summit in the Peak District. The National Trust’s target for this year is planting 400,000 sphagnum moss ‘plugs’ and between Balvac, Mott MacDonald and Fosroc approximately 4,600 plugs were successfully planted. Each plug has 16 different varieties of sphagnum moss within it, to give it the best chance of surviving, as different varieties like slightly different conditions.

Essentially, the task involved dabbing a wooden stick into the ground to create a little hole, then carefully pushing the moss plug into the ground, level with the top of the hole. 2 hectares were covered in total.

In 150-200 years, if all goes to plan, the moss will spread exponentially to improve the peat ground, help prevent flooding by acting like a giant sponge, and become an effective fire break to stop the spread of heathland fires.

Further information on the sphagnum moss planting work is in this article from the National Trust. More on social value is included in this podcast episode.

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