Plastic cartridges eliminated from sealant range.

Plastic cartridges eliminated from sealant range.

Posted on 20 December 2023 at 09:58

Plastic cartridges eliminated from sealant range.

Fosroc UK & ROI have announced the complete replacement of plastic cartridges with space-saving, recyclable foil sachets for their range of sealant products.

At the start of 2023, Fosroc made a sustainability pledge to eliminate all plastic cartridges from the sealant range. This was to reduce the amount of plastic waste overall and save on space, reducing the number of transportation loads required to consign waste material. This pledge is now a reality, with 100% of the sealant range now supplied in innovative collapsible foil sachets.

Over the course of a year, at current production levels, 72,000 plastic cartridges would be used to package sealant products, with a total weight equating to around 6 tonnes. With the move to foil sachets plastic is eliminated, and there is a reduction of 90-95% of the waste volume that would otherwise be stored in the skips on site. This leads to fewer trips to the waste contractor’s processing site, with less impact on the environment. The foil can also be more easily recycled that the plastic cartridges, with less energy required to shred and process.

Fosroc’s sealant range now carries the ‘Green Tick’ logo, to reflect the benefits from using foil packaging over traditional plastic cartridges, and help customers identify products that carry eco-benefits.

Read more on Fosroc sealants on the Solution page and can find out more about Fosroc’s Green Tick products in the press release.

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