Pune Solapur Expressway India

The Pune-Solapur Expressway is a major road infrastructure project in Maharashtra, India. It connects the Pune with Solapur, covering approximately 246 kilometers.


The Pune-Solapur Expressway is a major road infrastructure project in Maharashtra, India. It connects the city of Pune with the city of Solapur, covering approximately 246 kilometers (153 miles). Over time, exposure of expansion joints to environmental factors and heavy vehicular traffic can lead to wear and deterioration of these joints. To address this thorough inspection and assessment of each joint's condition are conducted, followed by the application of appropriate repair techniques and materials. This process not only restores the functionality of the expansion joints but also extends the overall lifespan of the bridges and the expressway. 


FOSROC, being pioneers in Concrete Repairs & Structural Strengthening systems, was consulted and after due consideration to client requirements, in coordination and approval of the consultant and PMC recommended suitable solutions to address the situation. Additional reinforcement was added by welding the bars with previous steel available at site. Fosroc recommended Epoxy bonding agent Nitobond EP over the parent substrate to provide a good bond between the old and new Micro concrete. A non-shrink micro-concrete Renderoc RG SPL was used to complete the casting of the expansion joints on site and extended the service life of the expressway.


The system recommended by Fosroc is a complete solution that can be opted in case of concrete deterioration or spalling. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • Gaseous expansion system compensates for shrinkage and settlement in the plastic state.
  • Pumpable and pourable in restricted area of heavy reinforcement.
  • Rapid strength development and early repair.
  • High early strength and low permeability of the system.
  • No chloride admixtures added.
  • Does not require any compaction at site.
  • Prepacked to overcome site batch variations


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