Maaden Railway Unloading Station

Fosroc's flagship waterproofing solution used in one of the largest aluminium complex in the world.


Ma’aden Aluminium Complex is the largest of its kind in the world. It is a joint venture between the Saudi Mining Company, Ma’aden, and Alcoa. The complex is fed by raw material that is transported via rail from Jalamid to the complex. All the materials are unloaded at the below-ground Ma’aden Unloading Station.
The station is constructed at a depth of 12m belowground, where the water table is very high (-5m), and the water type is saline water. With the very critical substructure conditions, the use of a highly durable and effective Waterpoofing System was a requirement.


Among the many options that were available, Fosroc Proofex Engage system was selected. The soil condition in Ras Al-kher is loose, and therefore Proofex Engage, which is a fully-bonded waterproofing system that bondes mechanically to the structural concrete, was a perfect choice that ensure that it remains in place even if soil settlement occurs.

Proofex Engage was used for the Bottom-Slab and the Walls. It is a pre-applied membrane that is applied on the shutter before concrete is casted. This gave the applicator a peace of mind especially during the application of the walls.

Proofex Engage was used for the bottom-slab and the walls of the coveying tunnel, and Proofex 3000MR self-adhesive solar reflective membrane was used to waterproof the Top-slab of the tunnel while maintaining 150mm overlap with Proofex Engage on the walls.


Fosroc Fully-bonded waterproofing system was highly effective, reducing water-tracking risks and ensuring long-term durability of the waterproofing system lasting the life-time of the structure.

Appreciating the advantages of Proofex Engage Waterproofing System, the system was used in all the critical structures of the Ma’aden Complex, such as: Deep Slitter Pit, Gas Treatment Centre and others.

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