Kumasi Airport

Fosroc's Auramix 740SR concrete admixture was one of the key building materials used in the construction a new 10,000m2 airport terminal at Kumasi Airport.


Kumasi Airport is a major international airport in Ghana. As part of recent development plan to build a new 10,000m2 airport terminal, the suitability and overall quality of building materials were considered based on their individual merits. The new terminal is designed to service an additional 800,000 passengers per year, so it will need to stand the test of time under a significant annual footfall. Its construction using the best building materials available, in line with industry-leading standards is a top priority for the client. The project is set to open in 2022, and is part of large-scale investment across Ghana focused on the infrastructure of the country focused on air and road.


One of the key products selected for the project included Fosroc’s Auramix 740SR. As a well-regarded and trusted brand, the client was already assured of the quality and technical calibre of Fosroc’s concrete admixtures, and with Auramix 740SR’s unique high performance strength retention characteristics, it would provide the contractor valuable extra time to carry out important concrete pours for critical elements of the build.


In detail, Auramix 740SR is a unique combination of polycarboxylate polymers which display a superior dispersion performance. Fosroc Auramix 740SR has been specially formulated to delay absorption on to the cement particles and give retention of workability for up to 4 hours. The product has been specifically engineered for the Ready-Mix concrete industry for its superior high range water reducing and slump retaining capabilities, so it lasts longer, is more effective and is easier to apply. Additionally, Auramix 740SR can achieve excellent retention without any set delay or any reduction in strength at 24 hours.
It is due to these benefits, and the unrivalled expertise and technical product support from Fosroc, that Auramix 740SR has been selected as the product of choice for the terminal buildings, runway and all the surrounding street work areas at the Kumasi Airport site. In total, it’s expected that over 200,000ltrs of Auramix 740SR will be used, providing both the contractor and client with full confidence that the product selected is the best solution.

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