Four Seasons Hotel, Saudi Arabia

Located at the sea-side Al Shati area, the Four Seasons Hotel is a 5 star, 137m hotel building that spreads over a land area of 18,800 m2.


Located at the sea-side Al Shati Area, the Four Seasons Hotel is a 5 star, 137m hotel building that spreads over a land area of 18,800 m2. Engineering Consultants Group is the design consultant, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP is the architectural consultant and Oger Intl is
the lead design consultant.

At a depth of 12m below ground with 1,300 piles , the basement is subjected to high water table, requiring over 50 dewatering wells to
be operational during the construction works. The requirement is for a quality and highly effective waterproofing system that will be
practical in installation and will ensure long term durability.


Fosroc local specification team and waterproofing specialists worked closely with the client, the designer as well as the contractor at all stages of the project, helping specify the right waterproofing system and design its full details, which included: pile head treatment,
dewatering wells, closed and open excavation applications.

Fosroc Proofex PVC membrane was used for the horizontal and vertical applications. To achieve higher control, the area was divided into 150m2 compartments using Supercast PVC waterstops, each compartment comprising FIVE flanges connected to Proofex Ventilation Hose.

Pile heads were re-profiled with Supercast PC/PCA, a highly flowable non-shrink re-profiling grout, and further waterproofed using Supercast EPT epoxy waterproof grout. Using Supercast PVC waterstop, the Proofex PVC membrane was then connected to the pile head to ensure continuous and watertight connection. Supercast SW swellable waterstops and Supercast Injectoseal Reinjectable hoses were installed at all joints.


Fosroc Proofex PVC Compartment system was very practical for the site application, providing quality checks at every stage of the application. The system provides leak detection and leak control measures through its control hoses.

Fosroc involvement during the design and the installation of the waterproofing system gave the client peace of mind providing not only full system products, but also design and support.

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