Disserth Gauging Weir, UK

The project was to reconstruct a concrete gauging weir in the river Wye at Newbridge on Wye in rural Powys.


The project was to reconstruct a concrete gauging weir in the river Wye at Newbridge on Wye in rural Powys. The original design was to use hand placed repair materials with the river water being temporarily diverted to allow access to do so. The River Wye is approximately 30 metres wide at this point and gathers water from many mountain streams in Mid Wales and is liable to rise very quickly following rainfall. The client and the contractors involved recognised the potential issues of working in this environment and contacted Fosroc International Limited to discuss options.


After evaluating all the options and taking into account the site conditions, and the need to quickly get the Weir back into operation the team agreed to proposed a new solution using Renderoc Dry Spray techniques to reinstate the structure in a much shorter timescale, thereby reducing the risk of being exposed to flood water during construction. Applying and delivering the product easily and without compromising its integrity is vital in achieving high quality repairs. The material had to be ‘dry sprayable’ so it could easily be placed by the suitably trained operatives which resulted in successful delivery of the project on time.


This project demonstrated a team approach to reach the correct solution involving the client, engineers, main contractor, Specialist applicator and materials manufacturer. Fosroc collaborated closely with its key partners to ensure the product was tested, delivered and applied in a ‘trouble-free’ manner. Rigorous testing was carried out to ensure consistent performance of the material. Working closely with contractor Beton Bauen Limited, Fosroc ensured material was supplied to site on time and to the required standard and fully compliant to the requirements of BS EN1504 and the client’s requirements.

A fully integrated supply chain and production process to maintain regular supply to site was a significant factor for the project. A high level of flexibility within the supply chain was required as stages of the project were at times delayed or brought forward at short notice. Fosroc were able to adapt to the demand and supply process to meet changing site conditions.

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