Ballymena Housing Authority, Northern Ireland

The local housing authority in Ballymena, Northern Ireland required the first-floor balcony walkway resurfaced for one of their properties.


The local housing authority in Ballymena, Northern Ireland required the first-floor balcony walkway resurfaced for one of their properties. To minimise disruption for residents, a quick turnaround was essential. To help establish the correct products and systems to use for the project, Fosroc worked in partnership with client, specifiers and specialist contractors to ensure the most suitable products and systems were specified, in terms of what was appropriate for the building, and to meet client requirements. Involvement from conception to completion ensured project success for all stakeholders with Fosroc’s broad product portfolio providing a complete building materials solution.


To assist with the need for a quick turnaround and rapid return to service, often required for flooring refurbishments, Fosroc offers the Nitodek Flooring System. The Nitodek Flooring System (FS) comprises of different components that create a variation of systems that can be tailored to individual project requirements. While flooring products based on polyurethane technology have been used to provide durability and flexibility for some years, slow curing times have been restrictive, particularly for projects requiring a fast turnaround. Nitodek Flooring Systems combine MMA Technology with polyurethanes, which makes the product very easy to apply. They are also rapid curing, even at low temperatures, with each layer of product only taking approximately 60 minutes to cure. Due to its hybrid formulation, the Nitodek Flooring System retains the hard wearing and flexible elastomeric properties associated with other polyurethane membranes, and so provides outstanding impact resistance. It is also highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals and can even bridge cracks to stand the test of time. Nitodek FS can be used in a number of situations, including multi-storey car parks, industrial floors, podium decks, balconies and walkways. Various warranties are available, depending on the project situation and system that is selected.


Belfast-based contractors Novo Remedial Solutions carried out the work. “We have partnered with Fosroc for many years to specify and supply a variety of specialised products. For this project we prioritised application speed and quality of finish, and Fosroc’s Nitodek FS helped us deliver that for the client.” Michael McGowan, Director, Novo Remedial Solutions.

The impressive speed and ease of application meant the balcony was reopened for foot traffic much earlier, reducing impact and inconvenience. The balcony now has tough, waterproof coating with a safe, seamless anti-slip finish.

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