New Dover Cargo Terminal, UK

Fosroc provide their premium sealant solution to one of Europe's most important cargo terminal.


The Port of Dover has been delivering one of the most important cargo projects in North West Europe: The supply of a new multi-purpose cargo terminal. This will be followed by a port-centric distribution facility transforming cargo and logistics operations as part of the Dover Western Docks Revival project (DWDR).

The new and extensive concrete area has many construction joints that require careful design and sealing against the aggressive and testing conditions that are expected in a busy cargo terminal.


Fosroc Thioflex 555 machine-grade sealant was selected for application to all pavement joints throughout the project, and approx. 3000 litres were used in the sealing of both saw cuts and expansion joints.

Thioflex 555 meets all environmental requirements and will withstand constant movement within the structure, as well as the effects of heavy port traffic.


Thioflex 555 provides many benefits to both the construction team and also the client. 

For the construction team, machine-grade Thioflex 555 can be applied in large volumes, thus enabling joint sealing work to be completed quickly. It is also self-levelling and fast curing, thus reducing construction times and the time taken to turn around the construction areas.

For the client, the highly elastomeric nature and resilience of Thioflex 555 will ensure the accommodation of the significant movement anticipated between the concrete bays. In addition, its excellent performance against chemical attack and exposed weather conditions also means it will withstand the effects both of heavy traffic and harsh chemicals and chlorides for many years.

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