Campbell Road Bridge, UK

Fosroc’s repair solutions used to combat corrosion, delamination and spalling of the Campbell road bridge structure near Stoke-on-Trent


Repairs were required to the Campbell Road Bridge on the A500 near Stoke-on-Trent, which carries the A500 over the River Trent, which runs adjacent to the A500 at that point. Water contaminated with chlorides was found to be leaking through the longitudinal and transverse bridge joints onto the supporting crossbeams and columns, causing corrosion, delamination and spalling of the structure. There were a number of challenges including restricted access, environmental considerations, working within an active flood plain and road closures. A major requirement was the durability of the repair.


Working together with CLM (concrete repair specialists) Fosroc proposed Renderoc LA60, and testing was carried out at Aston University to ensure that the product conformed to Highways England requirements.

Renderoc LA60 is designed for the reinstatement of reinforced concrete where low permeability characteristics are required, and where high compressive strength is a consideration. It is suitable for use where excellent chloride and carbon dioxide resistance is required, thus making it ideal for highway repairs, where these chemicals are usually present.

The works were completed in a uniformed sprayed concrete finish using Renderoc DS.


During product testing, the quality of the material was commented on by Aston University as being some of the best material they had seen in years.

Renderoc LA60 is easy to use, requiring only the addition of clean water on site, and can typically be applied in thicknesses of 25 to 300mm. Site operatives mixing and placing the material also stated how easy the mixing was, and that the material did not segregate during placement, which helped with the successful delivery of the project on time.

Renderoc LA60 is alkaline in nature and will protect embedded steel reinforcement, thus helping to provide a sustainable solution for the repairs to the Campbell Road Bridge.

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