Bideford Long Bridge, UK

Fosroc's specialist repair solutions used on a Grade 1 historic structure at the very heart of North Devon.


Bideford Long Bridge is a Grade 1 historic structure located in the very heart of the town. The bridge has been constructed and modified many times over the centuries, most recently, parts were reconstructed after serious flood damage in 1968.

Reinforced concrete sections were suffering from the effects of chloride ingress, leading to corrosion of the reinforcement, which in turn caused spalling and weakening of the structure.


Devon County Council demanded a repair solution that would meet the technical needs of the project without significantly altering the appearance of the historic structure. The bridge, being central to the town, had to remain in service as much as possible during the process.

Due to the high chlorides and active corrosion, the designers elected to use an impressed current cathodic control system. This meant that the compatibility and conductivity of repair materials were important selection criteria when looking to achieve a 25-year life.


Fosroc’s repair materials were selected because of their exceptional industry track record, and their compatibility with the impressed current cathodic protection system.

The contractor demanded products that were easy to work with in enclosed scaffolding, and for the dry spray, the very low rebound meant improved productivity, reduced wastage and no contamination of the river. The listed status of the bridge meant that the visual aspects of the repairs had high importance: the high quality finish of Renderoc products meant that the contractor could achieve the desired effect.

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