Proofex Hydromat

Proofex Hydromat is a pre- or post-applied bentonite waterproofing membrane consisting of of two elements –

  • Natural sodium bentonite as the sealing material.
  • Two layers of geotextile to encapsulate and contain the bentonite.

A continuous layer of natural sodium bentonite is sandwiched between a needle-punched polypropylene geotextile (the cover layer) and a slit film woven geotextile (the carrier layer). The components are needle-punched together uniformly across the membrane to hold the bentonite sealing material in a stable position.
The surface of the cover layer is filled during manufacture with the same bentonite as in the centre of the membrane to facilitate continuity of bentonite across the membrane and the creation of impermeable overlap joints.

  • Unique impermeable lap joints derived from surface bentonite impregnation of the non-woven geotextile layer during manufacture
  • Full surface contact between the bentonite-impregnated cover layer and the concrete ensures that small cracks and surface imperfections are sealed
  • Quick and easy installation in almost all weather conditions
  • Forms a tenacious mechanical bond to poured concrete when cast in situ, remaining in place if settlement of the substrate occurs
  • No requirement for priming systems, joint taping or protection systems
  • One product can be used in both pre-applied and post applied construction situations
  • BBA accredited, certificate no. 06/4310

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