Nitoproof 120

Nitoproof 120 is based on raw materials which are amongst the most water and water-vapour resistant surface coating materials available. They are also resistant to a wide range of chemical attack.

Specially selected bitumens are blended to produce various grades, each designed to provide the best possible protective coating for its practical purpose.

Nitoproof 120 incorporates fibres which give body to the film and act as reinforcement in the coating, eliminating cracking and crazing under conditions of thermal movement.

Note : In common with all bituminous and tar based coatings, and many other organic materials, Nitoproof 100 and 120 are susceptible to prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light and are not, therefore, recommended for use in situations where they will be exposed to direct daylight. They are however, ideally suited for use in sandwich constructions, or as surface coatings in enclosed tanks or structures, or below ground, where their durability is well proven.

  • Easy to use : Simple brush or trowel application.
  • Cold applied :No heating or dangerous handling.
  • Liquid membranes : Can be applied to rough or contoured surfaces.
  • No joints :Continuous unbroken film.
  • Non toxic : Safe with drinking water.

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