Conplast R


Conplast R is supplied as a brown chloride free liquid, based on a hydroxycarboxylic acid derivative, which instantly disperses in water.

When added to concrete mixes Conplast R causes the cement particles to disperse more fully exposing a larger surface area and enabling the water content to perform, more efficiently. This effect can be used to improve workability, to increase ultimate strengths, or to facilitate a reduction in the cement content.

The retarding properties of Conplast R can also be beneficial in concrete where high cement content or high temperatures are involved. Cold joints in continuous concrete pours may be avoided and the use of lower cement content mixes will reduce heat of hydration.

Conplast R is particularly suitable for cohesive and cement rich mixes. For lean mixes and mixes which are prone to segregation Conplast RP624 may prove to be more suitable.


  • Set retardation allows extra placing time for larger pours.
  • Increased workability facilitates placing and compaction.
  • High strengths without increase in cement content or reduction in workability.
  • Strength specifications and workability can be maintained with less cement.
  • Set retardation controls stiffening time of concrete in hot weather.

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