Auramix 740SR

Fosroc Auramix 740SR is a unique combination of polycarboxylate polymers which display a superior dispersion performance. 

It has been specially formulated to delay absorption onto the cement particles and give retention if workability for up to 4 hours. 

Fosroc Auramix 740SR has been specifically engineered towards the Ready Mix concrete industry for its superior high range water reducing and slump retaining capabilities. It can achieve excellent retention without any set delay reduction in strength at 24 hours. 

Fosroc Auramix 740SR also shows excellent versatility over different slump ranges and different cement combinations. 

  • Excellent retention performance for High replacement contents of GGBS and PFA
  • Used in the production of Self Compacting Concrete (SCC) and high workability concrete which displays improved rheology. 
  • Exhibits concrete of an extremely low viscous nature.
  • Confidence that concrete will be the same on site as batched at the ready mix plant.
  • Excellent strength development with no set retardation.
  • Robust consistent performance across different cement sources and cementitious combinations.
  • Chloride free. Ideal for concrete containing embedded steel.
  • Works over a wide range of slump classes (S3 to SF3)

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