Auracast 270M


Auracast 270M is a unique combination of new generation super plasticizer based on polycarboxilic ether polymer with long lateral chain. Electrostatic dispersion mechanism considerably reduces the water demand in fl owable concrete. It is supplied as a light brown liquid, instantly dispersible in water.

Auracast 270M disperses the cement particles effectively in the concrete mix and hence exposes a larger surface area to the hydration process. This effect is used either to increase the strength or to produce high workability concrete or reduce cement content of concrete or to retard the setting time of concrete.


Auracast 270M is a high performance super plasticizer suitable for precast concrete industry to obtain high early strength and moderate workability retentions are required.

Auracast 270M developed to use in:

  • Moderate workability retention concrete.
  • Also Suitable for cement replacement concrete such as fly ash, GGBFS and micro silica.
  • High performance concrete.
  • High early strength.


  • Low viscosity admixture suitable for precast industry
  • Suitable for concrete having cement replacements and low water cement ratio
  • Provides high early strength without increase in cement content or reduction in workability. Ideal for precast concrete production
  • Reduce rate of workability loss normally associated with super plasticiser. Reduces shrinkage cracking because
  • of lower water cement ratio. Makes the concrete water impermeable
  • Better resistance to Carbonation
  • Reduce Shrinkage and Creep
  • Increased durability

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