Auracast 102


Auracast 102 is a unique combination of the latest generation super plasticisers, based on polycarboxylic ether polymer with long side chains and short main chains. This greatly improves cement dispersion and as well as facilitate quick start of hydration process. At the start of the mixing process an electrostatic dispersion occurs but the cement particles capacity to separate and disperse. This mechanism considerably reduces the water demand in flowable concrete.

Auracast 102 is a strong super plasticiser allowing production of consistent concrete properties at required dosage.


Auracast 102 is a high performance precast super plasticiser intended for applications where reduction in cycle time and early strength are required, and it has been developed for use in:

  • Precast concrete elements like Hollow core slabs Block, Cement Tiles, Kerbstones, Edgings, other items for garden landscape design, Building blocks, bricks etc.
  • Concrete requiring high early strength without steam curing
  • High performance concrete


  • Low viscosity admixture suitable for precast elements
  • Suitable for concrete having cement replacements and low water cement ratio.
  • Provides high early strength without increase in cement content or reduction in workability. Ideal for precast concrete production
  • Early de-shuttering will result in increased productivity.
  • Improves surface finish
  • Minimizes damage due to early handling
  • Better resistance to Carbonation.
  • Reduces Shrinkage and Creep
  • Reduces efflorescence.

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