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We are a highly active company with a global presence and there is always a lot happening.

Fosroc India Annual Applicators Conference - Goa

Fosroc India recently held its applicators conference on July 18th in Goa, India with a record high attendance of applicators from the South & East attending the event.

Posted 20 July 2015

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Fosroc Spain on Repair, Reinforcement and Protection of Concrete

The Association for the Repair, Reinforcement and Protection of Concrete (ARPHO) to raise awareness on the maintenance of concrete during the lifecycle of a building or structure.

Posted 18 June 2015

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Fosroc Project Awarded

The Drainage Services Department's Happy Valley underground stormwater storage scheme received the Highly Commended New Engineering Contract (NEC) Large Project of the Year 2015 award.

Posted 26 May 2015

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