Manager - Technical Training

• To manage the day to day running of Fosroc India Technical Training Academy.
• Ensure this distinct Fosroc India Technical Training Academy is running as per Board authorizations, and liaise with Lawyer to ensure, all provisos for CSR are appropriately fulfilled.



Job Description


  • To manage the day to day running of Fosroc India Technical Training Academy.


  • Fosroc India Technical Training Academy to provide training for:


    • CSR (new artisans training to generate self-employment as part of CSR initiative).   The CSR programme is as mandated by the Company’s act.


    • Coordinate and implement the technical training as per calendar, for all internal Sales & Marketing employees – L1/L2 & L3 with support from Product Segment Managers, Specification Managers, and Senior Regional Sales Managers.


    • Coordinate and implement as per calendar, all training as required by the Applicator community – both Projects and Distribution – as structured by their classification – in Flooring, Waterproofing, Repairs/Rehabilitation, Coatings, Grouts, Sealants/Adhesives etc.


    • Coordinate and Implement as per calendar, required training for the Distribution Segment Sales force and Retail Distributors/their employees


    • Carry out special Inspection/audits of major Application contracts (Guidance > 1 crore), to ensure the application methodology and Safety Standards are being followed



  • Ensure, the Applicators so trained, are capable of executing within time and in quality, as per the application methodology guidance provided by the company


  • To ensure such Applicators are regularly engaged through E Mailers and/or Bi-annual/Annual meets for updates on New Product Introductions, Problem solving, TDS/MSDS updates, Equipment updates, case studies etc., and in further trainings as required to upgrade their competencies


  • Ensure a steady stream of applicators (Silver/Gold/Platinum) for business development efforts for the company both in Projects, Retail Distribution and Building Segment categories.


  • Ensure with the help of respective GM’s and RSM’s that the new employees are covered with L2 & L3 trainings within 3 to 6 months of their joining.


Ensure training programs are organised for Distributors and distributor’s employees to impart technical knowledge on the products and its application

Role Description

• Ensure this distinct Fosroc India Technical Training Academy is running as per Board authorisations, and liaise with Lawyer to ensure, all provisos for CSR are appropriately fulfilled.
• Update the Charter for the Academy, and the guiding principles, of certifying the new applicators, and graduating existing applicators to the next level based on competency based assessments, and Practical/theoretical curriculum.
• Liaise with GM’s, Technical Manager, PSM, and others as appropriate, in gathering all Technical Literatures, PPT – Training materials as required to draw up the curriculum for the Academy
• Ensure all Training Materials, texts/Literature, PPTs, case history, Application Video, Samples – Wet/Dry, Product Brochures, Checklists (Floor survey reports etc.) Equipment’s, Appropriate Stationery etc., are made available through own efforts, and from our existing knowledge garnered by liaising work with existing PSM/Sales resources/Technical/TDS/MSDS/Application methodologies etc.
• Liaise and network with Civil/Technical/Diploma Institutes, as well as contacts of our existing Applicators/Distributors for getting new stream of potential applicators to be trained.
• Hold these training programmes for these new applicators and based on competency assessments, graduate those that are successful as per our defined applicator criteria
• Start Training in Bangalore (Factory) and thereafter, extend to other important Metro/City including Mumbai/Pune, Delhi/NCR region, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata etc.
• Keep record of all such trainings held, dates, venue, list of all new applicators, and full contact particulars
• Keep record of all expenditure in running such programmes for our new applicators, and ensure a statement of account is being kept by Finance updated for such expenditure.
• Also engage and train our existing applicators – both Projects/Retail/Building Segment specialists, to refresh their technical knowledge/competencies, and certify as authorised applicators as per our defined criteria
• Ensure for regular engagement and correspondence, a separate grouping is made for the new applicators so trained, as well as our existing applicators, and arrange to send E Mailers/Meetings once or twice a year, updating on New Products, Problem solving, Tools to be used, application methodology, Referrals/Case history etc.
• Audit large application oriented jobs (say > 1 crore in value) and make a report to Management on the appropriateness of the applicator in following our application methodology and client satisfaction
• Ensure appropriate guidance to the new applicators and existing applicators, on WHAT NEXT- Linkage to other applicators, job sites/referrals for business engagement and continuity
• Hold monthly review committee meetings involving GM’s, Technical Manager, NSM and RVP and update progress.
• Publish Monthly report of activities, and statement of accounts.
• With the help of RSM’s & PSM’s, plan and organise Level 2 & Level 3 - Technical training for all new employees of Fosroc
• Organise and conduct training for Fosroc Distributors and their teams as per predefined calendar

Key Skills and Experiences

10-15 years of Sales and Marketing experience in the Indian market, preferably CC/Construction with hands on experience in handling technical training.

Minimum 5 years at senior level 

Engineering Degree from a recognised university ( preferably Civil or Chemical).


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