Innovative floor coating for food processors

Innovative floor coating for food processors

Skrevet af 6. juli 2023 kl. 14.48

Innovative floor coating for food processors

Breathe Easy with NEW Nitoflor PAFS

Nitoflor PAFS is a new low odour, taint-free polyaspartic-based high build floor coating system from FOSROC. This FeRFA Type 3 system provides a seamless and durable surface finish that can have anti-slip aggregates, flakes or coloured quartz incorporated within it. Unlike traditional fast curing resin flooring systems, Nitoflor PAFS creates very little odour on application. It has also been certified as having no potential to taint by Campden BRI, making it ideal for use in food and beverage projects. As part of FOSROC’s RR2S (Rapid Return to Service) range, Nitoflor PAFS cures much more quickly than typical resin floor coatings - at around 1 hour per coat depending on temperature. Nitoflor PAFS can be used internally and externally, and it is this versatility that makes it an excellent choice for a variety of commercial and industrial flooring projects. The combination of the fast cure and low odour makes it possible to significantly reduce project costs through reduced application time and the elimination of virtually all odour-related health and safety risk.

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