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Most of the difficulties in cement production can be traced back to agglomeration of individual cement particle, which leads to a succession of further and increasingly serious problems. This can often result in poorer quality of cement, further affecting its subsequent performance — both in isolation and when used in composite products such as concrete.

We also have entered a new and challenging age for cement industry with increasing demand for reduction in clinker content in cement.  This is due to growing concern of environmental issues, decrease of natural resources and increased cost of producing cement. 

With our focus on innovation and our understanding of the cement industry, Fosroc has designed and developed high quality and economic products that primarily reduce agglomeration in cement and enhance the quality of cement.  To complement this, an expert network of highly trained Fosroc personnel is available to provide on-site support.

The global vision of Fosroc is to provide the highest quality products, service, support and solutions to the cement industry.  At Fosroc, we can offer the following services:

  • Initial plant visit -Fosroc will visit cement plant and advise on an appropriate plan of action.
  • Laboratory evaluation - Fosroc can help in evaluating the cement performance with our products in the laboratory before actual application at the plant.  Supported by regional and group development and research centres, providing an economical and innovative tailor-made products for cement plants.
  • Product selection - We can assist in the best choice of products from the existing range based on cement plant requirement.
  • Plant trial support - Our team of experts will assist cement plants for product trial and optimisation.
  • Dispensing system support - Our experienced team will advise cement plants the most effective system to use for cement additives application.

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