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Preventing corrosion of reinforcing steel and resulting concrete degradation has made Fosroc an important treatment for a variety of marine installations including wharfs, bridge pilings, locks, desalination conduits and seawalls.

In the Marine business it is important to choose a product that provides the needed safety at sea. Without proper protection, the structural integrity of a marine structure is soon compromised, leading to expensive remediation efforts and a shortened life span.

Once the moisture and chlorides have reached the reinforcing steel, an expansive oxidation process begins to take place causing the formation of cracks and spalling in the concrete. When cracking takes place and is combined with weathering effects such as freeze/thaw damage or accelerated corrosion in hot weather climates, this deterioration takes place at a faster pace. In Hong Kong we work alongside colleagues in the Water Solutions division for the Highways Department on a giant submersible tunnel project along the northern waterfront of the island.

Fosroc products play a key role in the waterproofing and protection of concrete against water penetration, cracking and other damages – problems typically associated with the reduced service life of marine structures, including:

  • A range of high performance and technically superior admixtures for concrete
  • A fully integrated range of highly durable waterproofing solutions for below and above ground waterproofing
  • Protection of external and internal concrete structure to ensure durability
  • Precision-engineered grouts to create a complete support for the base of a machine and for load transfer
  • A full range of innovative solutions for sealing expansion and construction joints
  • High performance mortars tested to EN 1504, for structural and non-structural repairs

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