Nitoplate CP Strips

Nitoplate CP Strips tensile strength can be stable for 10,000 hours with accelerated exposure test (it is equivalent to 30 years natural exposure), providing:

It is used in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

It is used within the design parameters stated in this datasheet.

It is used in conjunction with other approved building systems and materials.

Durability covers weathering and adhesive characteristics. For conditions outside those stated in this data sheet, contact our Technical Specifications Department.

Fosroc reserves the right to modify this time period, depending on but not limited to climatic, site and environmental conditions such as chemical attack, abrasion, water immersion and adverse climatic and temperature conditions.

  • Improves flexural strength capacity
  • Excellent fatigue resistance
  • Corrosive resistance low maintenance to strength structure.
  • Fast & easy installation: cost savings, time savings and giving quick return to service.
  • Low build system: giving minimal effect on structural dimensions and clearance.
  • Final coating can be applied without preparation.
  • Simple detailing for application.
  • Application without any usage of heavy machine or equivalent.


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* If there is not a safety sheet relevant to your selected region you will be forwarded to make an enquiry.

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