Nitomortar PE

Nitomortar PE is a resin jointing and repair compound, based on a polyester resin system.
There are two grades. Nitomortar PE: The standard material for general purpose use.
Nitomortar PE Concrete: A special grade allowing users to add suitable aggregate, thereby substantially reducing the cost of infilling larger voids.
Winter versions of Nitomortar PE is available which are faster setting at low ambient temperatures. Both grades of Nitomortar PE are supplied as two-component products with pre-weighed
quantities of liquid resin and powdered hardener, ready for on-site mixing and use. The hardener system enables the mix to be varied from a pourable consistency to a trowellable mortar without significantly affecting the setting times or strengths achieved.

  • Fast development of strength minimises disruption — stronger than concrete within 2 hours
  • No primer required
  • High chemical and oil resistance
  • Extremely versatile — can be poured, trowelled or modified with aggregate without significantly affecting setting times or strengths
  • Extremely low wastage due to ability to mix part packs to consistencies required
  • Will cure down to 0°C
  • Pre-weighed components ensure consistency

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