Nitobond PC20

Nitobond PC20 is a specially formulated epoxy resin for joining prefabricated elements such as bridge segments, precast concrete pieces, steel-concrete joints... It is particularly suitable for sealing segments of precast concrete wind towers.

It can also be used as a fine paste to repair chips, dents and cracks in concrete and precast materials, or as mastic to stabilise concrete surfaces.

It is designed to expedite construction, make quick structural reinforcements and provide high adhesion and resistance to water.


  • Chemical resistance: unaffected by a wide range of acids, alkalis and industrial chemical products.
  • Good adherence: very good physical and chemical adherence to any cementitious substrate, whether wet or dry.
  • Easy to apply: specially formulated for application by hand or with a trowel without a primer.
  • Fast: developing early high resistance minimises the maintenance period.
  • Solvent-free: no emission of harmful vapours.
  • High resistance: greater resistance than the substrate where it is applied. Excellent resistance to abrasion and impact.
  • Resistance to freeze-thaw: unaffected by freeze/thaw cycles.
  • Waterproof: the cured material provides long-lasting waterproof protection.
  • Thixotropic: no detachment from vertical surfaces.

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